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Visiting NYC in late October - tips?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Augustus Medici, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Augustus Medici

    Augustus Medici Well-Known Member

    Apr 25, 2006
    It turns out I'll be alone on my birthday, so I decided to take a sojourn to NYC. I'm planning out my itinerary now, and I want to maximize my NYC experience. Coming as a kid that grew up in Texas, I've always put NYC on a pedestal. Any tips from locals?

    I did have a few questions:

    1. I'm thinking about doing a Sunday - Wednesday trip just so I can see the hustle and bustle of NYC as people go to work. Stupid idea? Is NYC during the weekend that much more fun?

    2. I want to eat at Eleven Madison Park. Can I even get a reservation for one? Are Michelin three-stars amenable to someone randomly walking off the street and eating at the bar?

    3. Will I look like a total douchebag walking around in a suit all day?

    4. I do want to do some touristy things like going to the top of Rockefeller, but I'm mostly aiming to walk around and stare at the buildings. I've always been an architecture nerd. But what are some fun things to do at night when my legs are tired?

    5. If I'm going to be walking around at night, what areas should I avoid so I don't get rickrolled by thugs?

    6. If you wanted to eat your way through NYC for each meal, where would you go, prices be damned?

    Thanks for any help guys!
  2. Augustus Medici

    Augustus Medici Well-Known Member

    Apr 25, 2006
    Dang not a single response except MIss Sassy SissySlap, who proceeded to delete his own comment after a few minutes:


    Anybody have any advice on eating alone in NYC at least? Can I just stroll into high caliber places like Per Se, Eleven Madison Park, or Masa and reasonably expect to snag a barstool? Or should I really call ahead and get a reservation?
  3. JayJay

    JayJay Well-Known Member

    Jun 25, 2007
    ^^^I'd recommend getting a reservation, it's highly unlikely to get a table at those places without one.
  4. mcbrown

    mcbrown Well-Known Member

    Dec 7, 2010
    Two things:

    Get a reservation for 11 Madison Park. Some nice restaurants do have bar seating, and you're much more likely to get a seat at the bar flying solo than with a group or even a partner. But not every place has bar seating, and not all that do have the full menu available.

    You won't look weird walking around in a suit all day. Lots of people in NYC are walking around in a suit all day. Of all American cities it is the one where it is least weird to be wearing a suit at any given time.
  5. gomestar

    gomestar Well-Known Member

    Oct 21, 2008
    11 Madison - meh. Not nearly what it was.
  6. ter1413

    ter1413 Well-Known Member

    Dec 3, 2009
    Central Booking
    -Sun to Wed is ok. Head down by the Wall Street area as you will see many NY'ers going about their biz as well as many tourists. Walk down Wall St and you will see some nice buildings. That area is also a short walk to Battery Park and the Staten Island Ferry which is free and has great views of NYC.

    -Get yourself a Metrocard to travel on the subway/bus. Best deal in town:

    -I am guessing that you have your hotel arrangements set up? It's expensive in nYc.

    -Will I look like a total douchebag walking around in a suit all day? No...But why do it? You are gonne be in NY for vacation!

    -NYC during the wknd can be a lot more fun. But it's NY, things are always going on:

    -NYC is a very safe city...as long as you have some common sense.

    -Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge into the DUMBO/Brooklyn Heights part of Brooklyn. Some amazing brownstones in that area(Bk Heights.)

    Just a few.....
  7. Quadcammer

    Quadcammer Well-Known Member

    Jul 10, 2010
    if you walk around in the wall street area and want to look at the buildings, stay out of the way. Seriously. Its the second most visited area after times square and we are sick of tourists walking around looking up, stopping randomly, etc. Don't be that guy.

    top of the rock is cool, i like it better at night. washington square/west village is cool to check out (leffot if you're into shoes).

    bunch of good restaurants that arent michelin rated also.
  8. Dar FTW

    Dar FTW Well-Known Member

    Jul 5, 2010
    youll save time and energy by doing the tourist stuff on a weekday (smaller lines) and then hanging around wall st. on the weekend. seeing people go to work isn't that exciting.
  9. dacia1300

    dacia1300 Well-Known Member

    May 9, 2008
    new new york

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