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Rate your city: why you love it or lump it.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Sherman90, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. Tokyo Slim

    Tokyo Slim Well-Known Member

    Apr 28, 2004
    Where Eagles Dare!
    Then I don't know what they are complaining about. Seattle is popular with people so it can't be all that bad anyway, people need something to complain about.
    I guess. Personally, I think the cost of living is quite high. (for being a second tier city [​IMG] ). Seattle had the third highest median list price for homes in the country at $450,000 last year. NYC, for example, has a median list price of $449,900 L.A. - $447,000 Boston - $389,000 Chicago - $276.000 Average per foot sales price for a home here (according to Zillow) is currently $190 a square foot. (down 11% from last year) For Comparison: L.A. - $281 NYC - $238 Chicago - $152 U.S. Average - $121 We are about even with Chicago as far as rent pricing goes. They are the third largest population city in the U.S. and we are the 25th. Gas prices are higher than pretty much every other major city outside CA, HI, and AK too.
  2. spudnik99

    spudnik99 Well-Known Member

    Sep 18, 2007
    Mexico City - 7
    I moved out a few years ago, but let's rank it anyway.

    Food, all the regional Mexican cuisines are well represented, good Lebanese cuisine as well
    Climate, high's in the upper-70's and low's in the mid-40's yearound
    Good Theater


    Cancun - 9
    Perpetually rotating cohort of horny tourist women
    The beach
    The smaller islands
    Good sailing
    Super scuba diving
    Mayan culture

    Perpetually rotating cohort of drunken tourist guys
    Not many cultural events
    Nightlife, it's great if your a tourist, but kinda static.
    Too much mall food and mall clothing
  3. imageWIS

    imageWIS Well-Known Member

    Apr 19, 2004
    New York City / Buenos Aires
    West Palm Beach, FL - 3


    The Beaches
    The Weather


    The people suck
    Overwhelmed with old people
    No culture
    No intelligence in the populus - the median IQ seems to be in the double digits
    The people suck
    Most of the food sucks
    Nothing much to do other than go to the mall, movies, or clubs
    No real public transportation = have to drive everywhere
    The old people are allowed to drive
    The people suck

    Add all the cons you mentioned to Boca Raton, and then add: no performance center (high art: opera, symphonies, performance plays, etc...), crappier restaurants than WPB, no real clubs (Clematis St. is better, which isn't saying much), utter lack of sophistication: people think leased cars + lots of debt to buy shiny objects = taste and culture, but they couldn't name 10 classical composers to save their lives, and the winner is lots of ex-cons / people that couldn't make it up north come down here to continue their immoral / unethical way of life.

    In short I gave Boca a 2 and I was being very, very, very kind.
  4. Treen

    Treen Well-Known Member

    Sep 1, 2008
    London, Uk - 9

    Pros: Rich culture, history, diversity, huge amounts of shopping, semi-decent transport, any food you could ever want, easy to get to other Euripean cities (Paris, Amsterdam etc), nightlife, huge parks.

    Cons: Cost. Rents are expensive, tube is expensive, nightlife is expensive, then there's the congestion charge...

    Personally, I love living here. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.
  5. ratboycom

    ratboycom Well-Known Member

    Jul 16, 2006
    Nagoya, Japan
    Ill Play

    Old town: Spokane - 3

    Pros: Great for outdoorsy types
    Fairly Cheap housing
    Downtown is beginning to develop again (hasnt since Expo '74)
    Nice warm Summer (temps up to 102F but usually in the 80s)
    Doesn't rain much
    Seattle is a short 4 hour drive away
    Decent low/mid-range restaurants and good variety (Greek, Japanese, tons of mexican, slavic, russian, Italian, etc)

    Roads suck
    Boring if you are not into outdoorsy shit
    poverty/drugs/low level crime is everywhere
    public transport development is constantly blocked by city government and old people, so shit bus system riddled with weirdos and homeless kids and no light rail (fight has been going over 20 years for this one)
    again, shit city gov that is overly conservative
    winter... HOLY FUCK! Usually well below freezing (sometimes as low as -30f or more) and lots and lots of snow (winter 09 was something like 2-3meters I heard)
    Shopping is terrible
    Bar scene is meh, only a couple clubs (who cares) but a couple cool bars amongst a lot of dives and douche magnet spots
    Women dress like shit

    Current City: Kawasaki/Yokohama/Tokyo - 8

    Pros: Public transport is frequent and timely
    Most neighborhoods have your daily living needs covered so you dont have to haul a lot of crap from one side of town to the other
    Shopping is good
    Food is very good but variety is a bit lacking (decent mexican is the Holy Grail)
    Lots of beautiful women
    Vibrant night life (as long as you are willing to be out till 6am)

    Rains a lot and is humid during the summer
    Expensive (transport, housing, food, etc)
    I am sick of Japanese beer, good beer is very hard to find here.
    Last train can be kinda early (usually leave a party/club around 11:30 or 12 to get home)
    Driving here is very expensive (gas, parking, insurance, Shakken, etc)
    douchebag self entitled foreigners/tourists
    For some reason shoes wear out really really fast here, like the toe and heel wear extremely fast

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