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Please advise me on a Suit.

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by Gendo, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Master-Classter

    Master-Classter Well-Known Member

    Jul 18, 2007
    Toronto, Canada
    Bud, I understand how that might have come across. This isn't the usual crap, in fact you've received almost none of that here (surprisingly!). Though telling the backstory of being 18 and liking suits based on seeing a TV show and wanting to impress your family didn't really help your case...

    There's a few issues here in my mind.

    - your interest in wearing a suit is that you saw it on TV and now think it's normal and cool so you want to wear a suit around... what i'm suggesting is that most 18 year olds don't walk around in suits, especially with ties and white TV fold pocket squares, so it's unusual.
    - You've never really worn a suit regularly, so chances are you'll just be fidgety and uncomfortable
    - Your goal, besides trying to copy what you've seen on TV where the characters are given scripts, directed, have hair, makeup, and wardrobe people primping them so every 'scene' is perfect (ie not the way real life works), is to impress your family, which while being laudable, is a little desperate. I'd suggest instead to wear an OCBD, well fitted khakies, and bring a navy blazer. You said they're classy/serious people, but are you? are you going to be comfortable not being yourself?
    - most importantly, a suit is a very complex garment, it's not the type of thing you look at a picture of on the internet and order and assume it'll just fit pretty well, even with post-purchase tailoring. If you're ordering Jeans, Shoes, or a Suit online without having tried on that exact model before (ie just getting a better price than retail), then I don't see how you'd possibly get anything close to a decent fit. There are so many factors involved between the suit and your body to achieve even a decent sense of the word 'fit'. Even when people do online MTM where they literally send over their actual measurements, the results are rarely good. The fact that you ordered it based on 'size', and now think you need to order 'two sizes' larger tells me you have no idea what you're doing. This isn't meant to be a downer to your plan, but I'm trying to give you some perspective. You need to learn some basics about what a 'fit' starts with and then go actually fit on some suits and see what works for you or not. When you go buy shoes you don't just look at the shelf, pick one that looks nice and say I'm a size 9 so I'll buy those. You fit them on, and lots of others, and walk around, and usually don't end up buying them because they're not quite right. So you can't just mail away for a 'suit' and hope it'll fit you. Even when you said it was 'too small', what does that even mean? it tells me you don't really know why it did or didn't work for you or what you're looking for. So either read around, learn, and advance, or drop this endeavor and be 'dressy' but comfortable. hell even wearing a nice blazer, shirt and pants will be hard enough to do well.
    - Plus you'll be travelling, which I do see people doing that in suits but you'll probably be a bit uncomfortable and arrive a bit wrinkled and worse for wear (depending on how long your flight is)

    - As for your point about confidence, well that's a pretty brash statement. You seem quite sure of yourself, so I know you think what you're doing is the right move and what can I tell you, hopefully something above will stick. It's not meant to discourage you completely, but you're a freshfaced guy running in on fire saying suddently you want to wear suits and look like the guys on TV so you can impress your cousins... good luck, keep asking questions and learning, and stick around the forums if you want to get into this stuff a little more.

    As for my experience in fashion and judgement, well, read my signature. High post count just means we have nothing better to do. That being said I've seen plenty of young padiwans and grasshoppers in my time come and go. Anyway, just some random thoughts.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2013
  2. Gendo

    Gendo Member

    Mar 5, 2013
    This is what I call a detailed answer, thanks, let me add few words.

    My first post sure made it look like the TV show has instantly changed my style, but I did say in another post that my usual style was classy just less formal than suits.

    -True, most 18 year olds do not walk around in suits especially with ties and pocket squares, but do I really have to be like this part of "most 18 year olds". Interesting, but you have your point.
    -Yes, I have never worn a suit on regular basis, yet whenever I had a chance to wear one it was awesome and made me even more confident (and that was before seeing the TV show.)
    -Impress my family? Kind of why not, but I only said it would be nice to look good, my main point is to feel great when wearing a suit, and different than "most 18 year olds".
    -I do understand the online shopping part and I totally agree on it. It's kind of stupid to spend $500 on my first suit (I work hard for that money) and just buy it without getting properly measured. I still remember when I was 8, and my parents were trying to find me good fitting suit, driving from shop to a shop, from city to city for the whole day without success. And true, I am an amateur and I do not really know what I am doing, that is why I ask. I liked the suit, I bought it, that's it.
    -The travel is 14 hours long, UK > New York > Las Vegas.

    True I am on fire after a suit and wearing one, partly because of a TV show. Please tell me, if it makes me feel great, it will somehow look good, because I want to, is there any major reason not to?

    Interesting, really. I still do want to wear one, just because some people will think "oh he is too young for that" doesn't really bother me.
    Really thank you for taking your time on answering, thoughtful.

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