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New to Business World, Please Help

Discussion in 'Menswear Advice' started by Rvazzano, May 10, 2016.

  1. Rvazzano

    Rvazzano New Member

    May 10, 2016
    Hi all,

    I've been scouring this site for the last year and have really learned a lot from canvassing in suits to welting in shoes! I know little as my father is a blue class worker who's advice is "Men's Warehouse has good deals". I would like to thank you all for the amazing help! I just landed an amazing new job in corporate America that gives me some financial freedom, however I understand to raise the ladder I must look the part. I have a few questions for the experts here at SF-

    When is it ok to own designer products, if ever? Are belts, ties (100% silk), and briefcases safe?

    Shoes! I took the advice of many and purchased AE shoes and I am in love!!! Are there any other designers besides Louie Vuitton, Ferragamo, and Louboutins that are constructed well and turn heads even more than my amazing AEs?

    I'm going for my first MTM suits in a week at Enzo Customs NYC. They're what I can afford currently and I assume better than the RTW suits (2 Luciano Barbera and 1 Kenneth Cole) that fit me odd around the chest region even after tailoring. Are their any pointers and tips that anyone can share with designing a suit? Also, are MTM dress shirts worth the investment?

    I'm sorry for the long post I'm just lost with no guidance and am very confused as many posts seem to conflict on certain topics. Thank you guys!


  2. Veremund

    Veremund Well-Known Member

    May 31, 2009
    Frankfurt, Germany
    Q1: There's no need for labels.
    Q2: There are other brands, but AE does the job.

    And your father is right. MW does have some good deals.
    Last edited: May 11, 2016
  3. Murlsquirl

    Murlsquirl Well-Known Member

    May 16, 2013

    I've moved your thread to the new Menswear Advice Forum, where you'll get more useful advice and where other members with similar questions can benefit from your having asked.
  4. Johnsson

    Johnsson Well-Known Member

    Jul 23, 2015
    Q1: Designer goods are fine when the quality is commensurate with the price, and there is no visible branding. So very rarely, IMHO. I would divert those funds into shoes.

    Q2: There are a great deal of other footwear options. Check out some of the affiliate threads like Pediwear, Skoaktiebolaget, A Fine Pair of Shoes, etc to see what appeals to you. AE are a good baseline of quality, but things can get much more interesting if you have the option. Having bought 2/3 of the brands you listed several times over for my wife, and seeing and handling them in person, I would never consider them for myself.

    Q3: Don't assume the first suit will be flawless. Pace yourself and start with one, then build off of what you've learned. MTM dress shirts are definitely worthwhile if you are dead set on a fabric or mode of shirt that isn't readily available.
  5. Rvazzano

    Rvazzano New Member

    May 10, 2016
    Thank you Johnsson. That really helped! I was never one for the giant logos anyway. I checked out those threads and they really helped! Thanks again!
  6. MeachamLake

    MeachamLake Well-Known Member

    Oct 18, 2014
    United Kingdom
    1. Designer labels - for the most part - mean zilch. Doesn't mean you can't own any of it, and it doesn't mean that it's not good stuff, but labels certainly aren't the be all and end all. Buy what you like. I have ties I thrifted for 50p that I wear and love just as much as Tom Ford ones. Just avoid the really obvious designer accessories like those Hermes belts, which just look tacky as hell and are most often seen worn with cheap, ill fitting suits. Contrary to most people's beliefs, they do not make you look sophisticated or well dressed.

    2. Look to English brands - Crockett and Jones, Church's. Even the lower end English brands offer a decent product for a fair price in my opinion - Barker and Loake come to mind.

    3. I wouldn't bother with MTM suits, but that's just me. I learned the hard way - I have a few from various well known names and the fit on all of them is no better than any RTW suit with alterations, yet they cost me significantly more. As long as you know what you can and can't alter, I feel that you'd be better off sticking to RTW and getting a good alterations tailor. But that's just me.

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