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Narin Couture tailor in Bangkok- only full-canvas suits outside HK?

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by Svenn, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. Svenn

    Svenn Well-Known Member

    Oct 15, 2008
    any other recommended bkk tailors in his $300-ish price range. does he have VBC like hong kong tailors do?

    the suit i may have copied is a 3 roll 2.5 canali with the request of having softer shoulders. everything else is good IMO.

    btw i'm gonna be a local so i'm not looking for a tailor that churns out a suit in less than a week.

    i might just spend most of my money on sam hober ties. he's located there right?

    shirts though are pretty important. any recs? i just want probably 10 solid blues and 2 whites.

    Enjoy your time in bkk! Getting Narin to copy a suit might be problematic- I had him copy a HK suit of mine and he failed at making the armholes as high as the original, the most critical part. The shoulders also weren't as soft (not even close). I also don't think Narin would appreciate being viewed as a mere 'copier'... he'll want to design a new suit for you. I want to copy some jackets too, so I would be interested if anyone knows of any other tailors in bkk that can do it reliably.

    My plan was to go completely unstructured- just wool and lining (a shirt jacket). I think by doing that the tailors would have an easier time at copying it since there's no canvassing to worry about. They can even take apart your existing unstructured jacket, trace out copies of the pieces, and put together a new one.

    After several months now, Narin's shirts are having several problems... I can't recommend anyone else but frankly I would have done better going with quality off-the-rack with alterations.
  2. gwolf

    gwolf Well-Known Member

    Feb 7, 2011
    thanks guys i guess it's narin or rtw for me in bkk.

    svenn, was that the suit you posted a few pages back? i quite liked that one and would be very happy with similar results.
  3. phelan77

    phelan77 Member

    Mar 6, 2011
    Hi. Care to share the problems you are facing with Narin's shirts?
  4. Kirpan

    Kirpan New Member

    Aug 23, 2010
    Hi there. Am going to abngkok next month and was intending in tailoring some shirts and pants from Narin. After reading your thread, i'm now having 2nd thoughts. Any other tailor that you wish to recommend in bankok area? thanks in advance

    Sorry for the late reply but it may be months before I log on.
    As you have read from others, Narin is not the good tailor he pretends to be.
    He makes fused suits and is no good at measuring. So the header was wrong. My main point was that this tailor is in my opinion not better than most of his neighbours.
    I'd hate to give names of other tailors because I cannot guarantee their work. Getting a good suit made takes a lot of time but the opposite is not true. Some tailors may give the impression that they need a lot of time just to make you think that because of that the suit must be good.

    If a tailor is a bad planner or doesn't have staff he will also need a lot of time.
    Many of the tailors near the first class hotels are not bad. After all they may have the experience of making clothes for people who can afford to pay. If you see a lot of ordinary tourists, sailors, GI's then there is less chance that the tailor is used to make quality suits.
  5. woody3691

    woody3691 Member

    Mar 18, 2011
    Spoke to Narin many times about suit construction. Something always made me hesitate. Depending upon the fabric, the full canvass will cost 10,000 baht premium otherwise he will fuse. After having had 6 suits made by 4 tailors all over Bangkok I had the best suit made by Tanika on Sukhumvit near Asoke BTS, close to Narin. Full canvass, hand sewn, great tailoring, exquisite workmanship, bone buttons, secret pants pockets with a very long list of everything I wanted on jacket and slacks, and perfect fit for 38,000 baht. What's the downside? They will only use their fabric. The suit took a long time, about 5 weeks with many. many fittings. (This is not a bad thing but if your time is limited, be warned.) They'll try to get you to purchase a 2nd pair of slacks for the suit, which to me is unnecessary unless you're a real slob. They are inflexible about price, so forget about bargaining.

    Their selection of fabric is quite extensive and they have fabric in all price range. I pleaded with them to make a suit from Pal Zileri fabric I bought and they just refused. They will make a fused suit or an unstructured suit with no fusing using less expensive fabric at about 18,000 baht. They have assured me the fittings will be the same but they did show me the tailoring differences. The hand ticking around the lapels and pockets and flaps which was so incredibly meticulous on my 38,000 baht suit is different on the cheaper suit. It's more pronounced and although they assured me it is done by hand it's a completely different technique. When I asked if they would use the expensive ticking for a premium on the cheaper suit, they refused. Also they only use one fusing material and they said it was on the thick side, so if you want a lightweight jacket that moves like butter, you better check out the samples in the store.

    Despite their inflexibility about the things I mentioned, they were very flexible as far as design and incorporating all of the elements in the jacket I wanted. Soft shoulders, no vents, tapered waist and they didn't mind at all revising the silhouette of the jacket as the fittings progressed. Also the slacks I requested were reversed pleats, cuffs, button fly and elastic waistband and secret pockets in the waist and bellow pockets on the slacks and they were only too happy to satisfy my whims. I would definitely have them make more suits for me in the future. While I don't fancy paying 38,000 baht and up for suits I realize that in the world of bespoke that's a drop in the bucket and it is in my range of affordability.

    While my friends tell me I'm overpaying when the hundreds of tailors around me are charging 5-10,000 baht (some even less) for suits that are turned out in days, I realize the difference in quality and I appreciate the difference. I know that my suit will last a long time because I'm using a style which will be fairly timeless, at least for my lifetime. So If I get one suit made every other month for the next year, I'll have a lifetime of suits and they'll be recognized as special.
  6. newinny

    newinny Well-Known Member

    Feb 5, 2008
    Everyone on this thread has a sketchy number of low posts but I'll be in Bangkok in January and might give Narin / Tanika a shot on making a shirt. If it's good, I'll get a suit.
  7. neilius81

    neilius81 New Member

    Oct 8, 2013
    I realise that I am a first time poster and users seem to be skeptical about one time posters on here but this is actually the first site that comes up if you type "canvas suits Bangkok" into google. I used this as a guideline and went on to buy a couple of fully canvassed suits so I thought I would share my experience:

    I usually have my suits made in Dublin but I decided to try out Asian tailors for a change.

    I began by emailing some tailors around BKK looking for canvassed suits. Crown Tailors suggested I talk to Tailor on Ten but they have stopped making fully canvassed.

    I started with Narin. I genuinely didn't like the guy. He's extremely stuck up and considering that he was asking for Eur3000 for 2 Holland and Sherry suits he was extremely inflexible. In one sense it is good that he sticks to his schedule but he pretty much wanted me to stay around BKK for 6 weeks which was not acceptable for me.

    I went for a walk up the street. I went into a tailor up the street and told him I was looking for a fully canvassed suit, he suggested that I go talk to Tanika who was mentioned on here. I ended up taking 2 suits there. Their suits are nice cuts and the craftsmanship is excellent. I dropped in at about 1 in the afternoon.. They had a first fitting ready at 8pm that evening. I then left Thailand for a month and went to Cambodia I returned second fitting was ready. The suits will be completed next week(8 days in total for 2nd to 3rd fitting). What I really like is that their master tailor does the fittings which for me is a very good sign. I read on another site that a guy went into Tanika and had to have 5 fittings. In my case everything fitted well apart from some adjustments to shoulders and trouser length. I am 2 metres tall so I was pretty impressed they got it more or less right. I had some casual shirts made in Hoi An last year and it was a total disaster! The one thing I did not like in Tanika was their shirts.

    For this I went to Tailor on Ten where I also ordered a pair of trousers. Similar story. They are very flexible. When I went back for the first fitting the trousers fit perfectly. I thought the shirt was a bit loose they added darts to the back while I waited, I was extremely happy with the end result. I buy shirts from Thomas Pink in Dublin, the fit is very similar. I don't see how you could get a better shirt in BKK. If you are in the market for a fused suit I think these guys would probably do some of the best suits of this kind too. They have really slick modern cuts and lots of nice cloth.

    Im sure Narin does lots of good work but it wasn't for me and judging by his attitude he has plenty of customers around BKK and is not too interested in accommodating 1 time customers..

    As a side topic I also went looking for good quality shoes which I found hard unless I wanted to overpay for European brands. I found a guy in Terminal 21 on the third floor that makes really nice shoes for 3000-4000 baht. The construction is much better than other shoes I have seen in Bangkok and he has some really nice styles! Unfortunately it takes 2 weeks, I won't have time but if you are looking for shoes this shop might be worth a look.

    I hope this information is of help to someone.
  8. Svenn

    Svenn Well-Known Member

    Oct 15, 2008
    @neilius81: You're probably gone but who was the Terminal 21 shoemaker? I share the opinion that TOT was the best pants/shirt I've had in Bkk or anywhere, but that was 2 years ago so I hope they're still turning out a good product. Tanika's pants were bad, but jacket good.

    Something everyone should be aware of us is there is such a thing as low-quality full/floating canvas suits. I'm using a bespoke tailor in the US now and opened up one of my suits- the canvas was very limp (probably cheap, low horsehair content hymo) and didn't have any darts or shaping in it.... very well could be a pre-ordered front from somewhere else. Once you've seen real haircloth you'll be amazed at its structure and roll, and it will be hard to not want anything else in the canvassing. If I ever go back to Bkk I think I'll try to find a CMT place (that's not Narin), and just give them real haircloth.
  9. neilius81

    neilius81 New Member

    Oct 8, 2013
    sorry I just read this now.. The shoe maker I can't remember the name but it's in the Istanbul section..

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