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Multiple Mens Colognes- fire sale prices ( see all the details)

Discussion in '2011-2017 Other' started by Chips, Sep 30, 2011.

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  1. Chips

    Chips Well-Known Member

    May 5, 2008

    I had to plug in a price for the listing. I figured it would take up less forum space and be more organized to keep them all here in one listing. As they sell, I will edit the original post. The $40 price is a high average, of some of the bottles, most are below that asking price.


    After finally deciding that there is one signature cologne that I really enjoy, I find that I'd rather stick to that primarily, and part with the others that I've collected in the past year and a half. I have15 various bottles here, that I will sell essentially at any reasonable price. They are of various levels of quality ( TOM FORD EXTREME, DUC DE VERVINS L'EXTREME) at the higher end, on down to more common luxury-fashion brands. I will be glad to bundle together deals on multiple bottles. I'm seriously entertaining any reasonable offer on any of these, just to make room in my cabinetry, so if you see one or more you like, let me know and we can work out a deal.

    These have all been stored out of direct light, in a cool temperature, non-smoking environment, my apartment right near the Pacific Ocean never gets hotter or colder than 60's-72 degrees indoors. Nearly all the bottles are in near perfect condition for the most part and one of them is still new, in the original box, still wrapped up in it's original cellophane wrapping (one I happened to really like so I bought two of) . Only one bottle is opaque ( Kouros EDT) and is difficult to estimate how much is in it, but I'm guessing its half full.

    All prices are OBO, and I'd make very gracious discounts to anyone who wants to pick up a few. I'm not looking to cash in here on these, just move them on and buy the one that I'm truly in love with. To think that I could have 3-4 bottles of my favorite, for what I paid retail for these here, is quite sad. The prices I quoted below that I paid, only represent the ones where I recall specific places and times buying them ( like paying >$150 for the DUC, but now I see some that are drastically undercut and selling on Amazon and other places. So, in order to make it any kind of incentive for someone to want to buy mine, I had to adjust the prices based on what they are available at the cheapest prices now, then drastically undercut that amount.

    If you happen to be a fragrance enthusiast, and you see a bunch that you like, I will make an insanely great deal with you, just to box these up and send them on to you.

    Since it doesn't appear that I can put the photo's inline with comments or prices right above or below them. I will make a list here of the price I'm asking and the volume remaining in the bottle.

    Any questions can be PM'd here, I'll check occasionally, or you can contact me directly via my email : by the pacific at g mail dot com.

    1) (SOLD)TOM FORD EXTREME EDT- 1.7 oz spray, 40% remaining ( see pictures, this is my lowest quantity remaing bottle, and I wanted to clearly show the level of cologne remaining. It smells phucking phenomenal) $ 40~ pretty good price, it was $190 +tax when I bought the last bottle available in San Francisco at NM last winter.

    2)(SOLD) DUC DE VERVINS L'EXTREME Eau de Parfum 4.0oz spray, just under 50% remaining. Bought it shortly after the TOM FORD, when I wanted to step up into higher quality materials in colognes, looking at retail prices online now, I see that I overpaid ( ~$150 ish) , so I'm going to loose big on this one if someone wants it. $25. The frosted green glass has some very minor marks on it.

    3) Gucci Envy EDT 3.4oz,spray 90% remaining. Bought it blindly based on reviews of how well it layers with Angel A-men. I liked them both, but didn't stick with either. Sells for $85, I'll sell it for $40.

    4) (SOLD)Angel A-Men, EDT 3.4 oz spray, 99% remaining ( I sprayed it twice) see above, wasn't what I was looking for, although I got a lot of compliments on it. $65 new, I'll sell it for $25

    5)Presence Mont Blanc EDT 2.5 oz spray. 98% remaining this was a repeat purchase after liking it the first time around ( I sprayed it three times) really love the smell of this one, but so did the ex and that's all I wore when we were together, so I don't want to be reminded of that. Now sells for $40, I paid >$65, I'll sell it for $20

    6) (SOLD)New Unopened Box-Animale Animale EDT 3.3oz spray, this was my favorite cologne for many years, it still is, that's why I bought two. I'm not going to use this second bottle though. I paid $60, I'll sell it for $20

    7) Polo Ralph Lauren Blue EDT 4.2 oz spray, ~85% remaining. I paid ~$73, I'll sell it for $25

    8) ( SOLD) The One Dolce & Gabbana 1.6 oz EDT spray. ~70% remaining. I paid $66, I'll sell it for $20

    9)(SOLD) Kouros Yves St Laurent EDT 1.6 oz spray. Opaque bottle, I'm giving it my best guess at half full. I paid ~$60, I'll damn near give it away $8

    10) (SOLD)Vintage John Varvatos EDT 4.2 oz spray. 90% remaining. A gorgeous woman I had dated got all wet about this cologne. It's good, so I bought it. $92, I'll sell it for $40

    11) Romance Ralph Lauren EDT 3.4oz spray. 80% remaining. Paid $68, I'll sell it for $20

    12)(SOLD) Silver Ralph Lauren EDT 3.4 oz spray. 90% remaining. Bought it the same time as the Romance, same price. I'll sell it for the same price even though there's much more of it $20


    Anyone who might want any one of the following, can have them FREE, if they buy any of the finer colognes listed above. You just have to let me know which one you want when we make a deal. First come first serve.

    1) Very Sexy-For Him Victory Secret. A girlfriend picked it out when we were shopping together, she really liked it. I bought it because it smelled interesting, and it made her happy that I bought it. I think you can get this for like $35 at most. I sprayed it once.

    2) 2 bottles Z-14 Halston. 2.5 oz, one spray, one aftershave. The spray bottle is ~85% full, the aftershave is~80% full. This stuff is classic, and it always gets noticed favorably. It's like Polo Ralph Lauren the classic green bottle, in it's warmth and familiarity. Women love it. I like the spiciness of it. I will count each bottle separate, One free per purchase.

    3) Mambo Clairborne 3.4oz Aftershave. ~65% remaining. I loved this back in college. A follow up bottle was gifted to me last year, and I'd use a small splash on the back of the neck when I went to the gym. It's not an expensive cologne, and it smells great.

    For any Dior fans out there, I'd be glad to toss in a 4 bottle sampler for free along with the purchase of any of the ones I have listed, as long as you don't offer me some insanely stupid lowball offer.

    Shipping will be arranged somehow during the negotiations of the sale. It depends on how much is bought, I might pay all the shipping costs, if only one or two, then they'll be wrapped up and shipped in a standard USPS box, padded envelope at the lowest possible cost.

    Again, any questions, PM me here or email me directly at : by the pacific at g mail dot com
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2011
  2. Chips

    Chips Well-Known Member

    May 5, 2008
    Just a quick heads up gents, I'm processing about 5 different orders already on these. Please when sending the Paypal funds, list the name of the cologne you are requesting somewhere in the listing, along with your address. If you care to leave your Styleforum screen name somewhere on there as well, it will be easier for me to leave positive feedback. Also, if you have a Paypal verified address, that makes for much less of a headache for someone else.

    I have 5 more bottles that are Pending Payment, so I won't knock those out of the line-up, the potential buyer has a few hours, because there's multiple interests on the same bottles.

    Thanks all.
  3. Chips

    Chips Well-Known Member

    May 5, 2008
    You guys are cleaning me out. But I'm keeping track of everything. I think I only have the Envy left, By mid Sunday morning I'll know for sure. I've replied to all the PM's tonight, sorry for the late and long winded replies, I just got off work.

    Everything that has cleared Paypal Saturday, or tomorrow ( Sunday) will ship Monday. I have Monday off, and will be making a big trip to the post office.

    Thanks again everyone. Thanks for the feedback. I've left feedback for everyone who's finalized something with me. It's all been swift and positive. Someone really needs my Persols though!!! Damn those are nice glasses and I'm selling them even cheaper!!! Come on! Make me an offer!!!! They're pristine!

  4. davesmith

    davesmith Well-Known Member

    Feb 13, 2011
    London, UK
    i got to this game way too late
  5. Chips

    Chips Well-Known Member

    May 5, 2008
    Yeah, everyone is getting "snowglobes" in the mail. You can't mail flammable fluids unless they go ground. I wrapped everything a bazzillion times for safety sake.
  6. jonnyfive

    jonnyfive Well-Known Member

    Apr 13, 2010
    Awesome guy to deal with! Amazing scent! DV for live! It is liek Creed 1949 Vetiver only better
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2011
  7. viccollz

    viccollz Well-Known Member

    Jan 26, 2010
    Good man, great perfumes, excellent deal. la vie en rose.

    Thanks Chips!
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