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from my cleaners "Now discreetly (but permanently) barcoding all garments for high accuracy tracking

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by mr monty, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. mr monty

    mr monty Well-Known Member

    Apr 12, 2002
    Naptown (Indianapolis)
    What do you guys think about this? Does this mean the clothing I donate to Goodwill can make it's way back to me??
  2. renman23

    renman23 Active Member

    Feb 23, 2012

    Garment & Textile Labels

    Did you know that dry cleaners and laundries can dramatically impact their business with a simple barcode label? They can:
    • Increase efficiency
    • Reduce costs
    • Enhance customer satisfaction,
    • Grow revenue.
    How? With a garment barcode identificatin labels from Computype. You already know that barcodes speed up your life at the grocery check-out line. They help at the dry cleaners as well. We specialize in barcode garment identification via pre-printed labels or on-demand label printing systems. Our customers are already enjoying the benefits: reducing the time required for drop-off, ensuring customer instructions are followed, creating life-of-garment history, and developing customer loyalty.
  3. JayJay

    JayJay Well-Known Member

    Jun 25, 2007
    What if clothing is given to another person, but the barcode from the previous owner is there and not removed? Then what?
  4. bourbonbasted

    bourbonbasted Well-Known Member

    Apr 27, 2011
    I noticed these barcodes a couple pairs of pants and was confused as hell. Same barcode but two completely different manufacturers. This makes a lot more sense.

    However, I agree it gets interesting when you sell or even donate clothes. Perhaps there is some way to scan and change preference records?
  5. protodoc

    protodoc New Member

    May 28, 2010
    That pissed me off so badly. Last time I got my pants back from the Dry Cleaners they all had those super sticky bar codes applied to them.
    I managed to get them off but not easily. I refuse to use that Dry Cleaner in the future. Just hope they are not all starting to do this.

    What is next? They discreetly tattoo a bar code on your butt the next time you use a public bathroom?
  6. pebblegrain

    pebblegrain Well-Known Member

    Jan 24, 2010

    You leave your butt at the cleaners?
  7. MyOtherLife

    MyOtherLife Well-Known Member

    Sep 30, 2009
    The Arena - Centerfield

    Once upon a time, Mr Jones culled some of his lesser used (and bar coded) garments.
    Some he gave to a lesser priviledged friend Mr Kuzinski, knowing the gift would be appreciated.
    The rest he donated to Goodwill.
    Upon returning home, Mr. Jones felt just a twinge of regret at letting such fine things go but shrugged it off.

    The next day a one Mr. Mohammed purchased several of the Mr. Jones donations from Goodwill.
    Mr Kuzinski and Mr. Mohammed both took their new clothes to their respective dry cleaners to be cleaned and pressed.
    Each dry cleaner took the names of their new clients and promised pickup in 3 days.
    Both gentlemen left their dry cleaners, each one eagerly awaiting the promised day.

    Now both dry cleaners observed the respective bar-coded clothes and after scanning each, determined the garments actually belonged to a one Mr. Jones and not the men who brought the clothes into their shops.
    The next day a one Mr. Kuzinski and one Mr. Mohammed both received visits from local friendly police officers.
    Each one was handcuffed, taken away and summarily charged with multiple counts of theft, then found guilty and sent to prison.
    Now Mr. Kuzinski and Mr. Mohammed both wear new clothes, bar coded appropriately with their own names on them.
    Mr Jones has his wardrobe restored unto him, and all is right again in the universe.
    The End.
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  8. jrd617

    jrd617 Well-Known Member

    Jul 15, 2009

  9. ggrooms

    ggrooms New Member

    Dec 1, 2006
    Today my jacket came back w/ a barcode heat sealed into the inside of my jacket. Does anyone know if this can hurt the fabric? I am not too pleased as I don't like having a barcode flash out of my nice Despos jacket. While I am sure Chris has somehow stitched a code into all of my stuff, at least he did it w/ needle and thread instead of a blow torch. I realize why they are doing this, and I must admit, I'd rather have a barcode vs a lost jacket. I know, I know, who would ever use a dry cleaners that would lose something? Well, it does happen to the best of them.
  10. manchambo

    manchambo Well-Known Member

    Dec 18, 2012
    Anyone have thoughts on how to remove these? It doesn't bother me too much generally but a recently had pants shortened and now it shows.

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