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A Question About Searching in Yahoo! Japan Auctions

Discussion in 'Menswear Advice' started by shugon, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. shugon

    shugon Active Member

    Jul 8, 2013

    I have been bookmarking my searches in Yahoo! Japan Auctions, while making sure the results are displayed in such way to the most recently listed item is first, and the oldest - last. That way, I thought, I would never miss on an item. However, I've discovered that despite this technique I have been missing on some stuff. While tinkering with the options I found out that there's a checkbox called "新着", supposedly displays only the newly listed items. It's a separate function from the drop down list of the display order. Ticking it, while keeping the aforementioned display order of the items, results in a considerably different outcome for searches, even in the very first page.

    I thought that ordering the results chronologically from new to old and browsing the first couple of pages would cover ALL new items, but apparently, I was wrong.

    So, the question is: what does the "新着" checkbox does exactly, and what's the difference between ticking it or not? (in both cases, the order of display is the same - newest listing first)

  2. dbjapan

    dbjapan Member

    Jun 28, 2016
    Yeah, I have never had much luck with yahoo actions here in Japan.
    The "新着" checkbox basically means "new arrivals" but I can only guess that you get such different results is because when you check 新着 you are probably getting the auctions that pay for the extra listing modifier.

    ..... edit... I just read my answer again and it seems a bit unclear still so I will try it this way...
    When you check the 新着 box, you are getting the results where the auction seller paid an extra fee to be listed under the 新着 option.
    I have not tried to sell on yahoo japan in years since the rules, fees and everything else changes ALL the time.
    Plus, I refuse to pay a monthly "subscription fee" just to buy, and even a higher one just to sell--- ran across this just last month after 2 years of staying off yahoo.co.jp auctions when I was looking for a new telephoto lens... but found even though I won the listing, I was not "allowed" to buy it since I did not pay some weird new subscription fee BEFORE bidding...

    Anyways, the search function on yahoo japan is funky to begin with, but I hope I was able to help a bit (even if it was just to say... the search function is ****** )

  3. shugon

    shugon Active Member

    Jul 8, 2013
    Hi dbjapan,

    Thanks a lot for the reply.

    1. Your answer potentially clarifies things up, but are you sure that is the logic behind the "新着" feature? (maybe your were referring to seller paying to be listed under the "注目のオークション" feature?)
    Because even if what you said is really its function, it still does not explain why items listed on the very first page with "新着" check marked, are shown way behind on the following pages when the checkbox is unticked. Again, in both scenarios the listing order is chronological from new to old.

    2. So anyway, the proper way to make sure I really do not miss on a single item is to check my bookmarked search every day, with the display order set to newest listing first (and oldest last), and the "新着" box unticked? I have been doing so for a while, but still, I have missed on items I could see only with "新着" enabled.

    3. If you don't mind me asking: what are using instead for Y! Japan Auctions, especially for rare, used items? Do you have any alternatives? Because in my experience, when it comes to those rare treasures, Y! Japan Auctions has absolutely no competition in variety, quantity, and depth.

    Last edited: Sep 10, 2016

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