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What Should I Ask My Groomsmen to Wear?

  Your goals in choosing wedding attire should be to be comfortable, look wonderful, and continue to look wonderful in the pictures twenty and thirty years from now. Do not choose something because you think it looks cute or trendy or fashionable. Remember that you’ll be looking at these pictures for a long time, long after you realized that your coral-colored socks or teal bowtie weren’t as rad as you thought at the time.   Groomsmen Encouraged Options Shoes Ties       Do not subject your progeny to this... read more

Carmina Shoes Presents: Five Shoes for Five Weddings

The Styleforum Brief: July, 2015

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Do toe plates make a huge difference in the longevity of shoes

I just got two pairs of Horween chromexcel boots (Boston Boot Co.). How shall I take care of them?

I accidentally spilled a drop of fish oil onto a pair of boots. How do I get this out?

Aren't technically almost all shoe leathers corrected grain?

Styleforum › Shoes Explained › Shoes Explained Articles