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Cat question

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I have a cat question for any vets on this board, or animal lovers. There is a female cat that has been hanging around my house for over a year now. I recently moved back here and given that the cat has decided we are the family she's going to adopt. I have been feeding here and taking care of her. Males are starting to show up and I have been thinking about getting her in to get spayed this week. But then I got to thinking: This cat has been around for over a year and never gotten pregnant. Sounds like she might have already been fixed, or else she would have probably had kittens by now. Anyone?
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Ever thought of just having the Vet check it out, I mean I am sure like women, they can have sex and not always get pregnant, and who knows if she is a stray that she has not had kittens at a time and they have strayed away as well.
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well, whether or not she's yours, and whether or not she's been fixed, it's in your best interest to take her in to the vet or the humane society to get her checked and fixed if necessary. stray cats breeding is just a problem. (some cities tattoo the cats they fix, which is handy.) i'm not positive, but i think if she gets fixed, the toms won't be hanging around as much. talk about a nuisance - yowling at night, cat fights, territory marking...almost as bad as the neighborhood kids. one good thing though - low rodent population. /andrew
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I would take her in - if she hasn't been fixed, you can have it done and if it's already done - no harm, no foul. If you like having her around, you also might want to consider having her vaccinated for the common cat diseases such as feline leukemia (having had several cats die from this before they developed the vaccine, I can tell you it's not pretty.) Unfortunately, the most common cause of death for outdoor cats in most areas is "automobilius accidentius" and here in Arizona, coyotes - but there's not much you can do about that. Bradford
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Oh, I hate cats.. They always poo on their neighbor's yard, and not in their own backyard. Does anybody know how to stop this? There's a cat that always poos in my yard, which I end up having to clean?
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Something like a desert eagle might help.
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I've owned cats my whole life, but I'm not a vet. I would say that the best thing to do (particularly if you are adopting this cat or if she is adopting you) is to take her to the vet for a thorough check up. In some states (including mine), rabies shots are legally required, so this may be something you have to do. There are also other cat related diseases (feline leukemia, distemper) that could seriously harm or kill her. You want to make sure the animal has all of its necessary shots and is in good health generally. The vet can also tell you whether the cat has been spayed. As far as getting the cat spayed, there may be age limits with regard to this sort of thing for the safety of the animal. In the past with my cats, the "fixing" has always been done in the first year of the animal's life. I'm not sure whether there are adverse health consequences related to doing it later in life. As far as knowing if she's fixed, the easiest way to tell is if she ever goes into heat. This will happen periodically at the time when the cat is "open for business" as far as her reproductive cycle is concerned. This is something you will have a hard time missing in a female cat. In my experience, she will run around spastically and stop to yowl really loudly. You'll know it if you see it. Jeff
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F*ck cats. Get a dog.
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Read carefully.
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Love that picture.
In my experience, she will run around spastically and stop to yowl really loudly.
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I think I am going to make that my new PETA signature.
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In my experience, she will run around spastically and stop to yowl really loudly.  
Perhaps I should have said, "from what I've seen"...   Jeff
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