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Sierra Trading Post Coupon code

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Coupon code: 32905 Also, type in "Sierra Trading Post Free Shipping Riddle" into a google search and you'll find out the comments to paste into the comments section.
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Anything good on sale. Several weeks ago during their "20% off spring sale" I picked up a couple of Isaia suits with the 20% coupon. Isaia at $630. Pretty sweet to me.
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How long is this coupon good for, does anyone know? Also, does it work for every item on the site?
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is the consensus that isaia suits run on the small side?
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Isaia suits run about normal size. Most American brands run far too large.
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I'd say Isaia runs about 1 size smaller than most suits you'll find on the RTW market in America, including other Italian makers. If you can fit a 41R in an Oxxford or Brioni even, in a lot of Isaia models you could take the 52R. But it depends on the model. If you wonder about sizing, remember that using the riddle (the answer is "skateboard" -- you may have to post the question and where you found it as well, so do a Google search) will get you free shipping as well. No clue when this expires. Good on everything.
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ok, i bit. hope the suit fits. i put "skateboard" in the comments section...nothing happened. are they going to reimburse for shipping?
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When I did the Pike's Peak free shipping riddle that norcaltransplant posted a couple of weeks ago I was notified by email that I had gotten the riddle correct and my shipping was free. When I received a statement later via email the credit was reflected in the total. Saved me over $9 on shipping alone (plus the 20% off). I don't know how specific you have to be. I included the catalog, page number and question, but norcal had listed all that.
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i was just notified via email that shipped was refunded. thanks.
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