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Wasted Opportunity!

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A shame so few political leaders wore hats in that somewhat nasty Inauguration Day weather! Even our ex-Presidents shunned them, it seems in the photos. Could have been a glorious day for the hat industry, sartorialism, aesthetic pleasure, dignity, better health promotion, etc., etc. Remember William Henry Harrison and learn from that tragic experience!
There was no man in sight who would not have looked better with a fitting hat.

The other day, toward the end of a wool/cashmere cap hunt, I called a local upscale habedashery and asked if they carried hats. I was told no, and the guy suggested our one really major men's hat store here, which is in downtown Cleveland. I expressed my dismay and stated, as I often do with this sort of response, and clearly said I had already been there and all but wanted to know what his store would carry. Then the guy comes out and says "It's an ethnic thing." Perhaps at that point I made a quick comment, maybe not.
Then the guy says "White men don't wear hats." I was rather taken aback by that remark and stated emphatically: "Many of us do!" and hung up quickly. It really got to me. A few days later I was thinking and realized his remark was even worse than I had thought; not only did he assume from my voice I was white, I'd assume, but wasn't he implying he didn't expect non-whites to patronize his place? Or he didn't want them to? He really sounded bad. Wonder if he regretted anything he had said after the phone conversation....

Actually we have a pretty upscale menswear emporium on the opposite side of town and, owned by an African American, they too do not carry hats, to my disappointment.
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actually, George H.W. Bush did have a big fur Russian hat on during the ceremony i believe.
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If he did, which I shall check out, good for him. I didn't see enough yet to say none of these guys wore hats, but I noticed at least most did not - even the older ones.
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If you're in Cleveland you might try Mike The Hatter. I've ordered a couple fedoras from him and the service is always prompt.
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Thanks. I'm very familiar with that emporium and actually recently purchased, and then returned, another hat from them.
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Not sure about the Presidents, but I believe that Cheney was wearing a hat.
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