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Quote: I'm still out on this one...
Thats the suit that made me start this post
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I have a few 3 button peak lapel suits, and I do think they look better in 2 button. However, if the lapel is rolled to the second button, I think a 3 button is acceptable. Its when the lapel is rolled high, to that top button, that a 3 button starts to look cartoonish.
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No offense intended, however that jacket looks like something Batman might wear when not out saving Gotham.  Very cartoonish and inelegant.  I think the severely square shoulders also don't look well with the lapels on this jacket as the shoulders appear to further elongate and accentuate those hideous lapels.  The jacket looks like an overcoat, but that just might be how it appears in the photo--Quite boxy; I prefer a nipped-in waist for shape, although one needs to have a waist to have it nipped in. Doesn't "suit" me at all. Grayson
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yeah, forgot to mention, that is just not a good looking suit.
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something is seriously wrong with that suit
The button point is much too low, and the shoulders look too wide and out of balance with the skirt. But that could simply be how it is displayed on the model.
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I have a friend whose preferred bespoke silhouette is 3-button peak roll-through.  It looks very good on him, and avoids the usual bane of 3-button coats: too much cloth covering the chest, too little shirt and tie showing, and a short lapel line that makes tall guys look like their coat is too small and short guys look shorter. My SB peaks are all 2-button.  I think a 1-button would look equally well, silhouette wise, but I don't really like the minimalist, modernistic aspect of 1-button suit coats.
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