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Belvest blue Label

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What is the difference between belvest and belvest blue label? I have the chance to buy two belvest suits for $450 one supper 100's and the other a belvest blue label is that a good deal?
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There're Belvest Black, White & Blue Labels. They're all canvassed. Black & White are essentially the same in terms of handwork & retail prices. Blue has slightly less handwork and retails about 20% less than Black or White. The difference between Black and Blue is not as big as, say, between Zegna and Z Zegna.
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Yes VERY good deal. I bought a super 150 Blue Label Belvest a few months ago. I called the Belvest showroom in NYC and was told that it was a non US market suit, strictly sold in Europe. It is a non fused suit that retails at 15-20% less than the regular label Belvest using the same fabric. I love the suit but it is too small, they are slimmer fitting than the Corneliani I am used to wearing. If anyone is interested in a lighter weight NWT Super 150 Belvest 58Euro/46US in a light grey prince of wales check with a very hard to see yellow accent check please PM me. Jacket is double vented 3 button, the pants are slim fitting FLAT front.
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Ok they are both NWT I'm assuming then that this is white label? What are the exact difference between blue label and white/black labels? Also do they fit differently? How do they fit compared to canali's or BB 1818 suits?
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Yes, it's a very good deal. Grab them.
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Is that $450 each or both for $450 ?
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both at $450, one does has a small snag but that can be fixed for $50 and you really won't be able to tell the difference.
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