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Sunglasses Recommendations

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Anyone have some good recommendations? I'm already tired of the aviator trend, so I'm gonna try and stay away from those. Looking for something more iconic than extravagant. There's a cool picture of Beck wearing some Stussy sunglasses in the newest GQ that I really dig. I have a pretty angular jaw line, a highish forehead and a medium-slender face. Here is my ugly mug: a picture of me totally wasted - but at least you can see my facial structure. Picture I have looked at lots of designer brands but most of them are too thick, or have two-tone shades. I know many models come in several shade colors, but as avid discount shopper, options are not necessarily available to me. For the most part, I don't really like angular sport/surfer-type glasses. Hell, with all these things I know that I don't like, it would seem like I should have a great idea of what I do want.
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Personally, I am going to pick up a pair of Dior Aluminum aviators on Bluefly from last summer, Eurotrashy. But a cool color and I feel like indulging. Otherwise, just browse
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If you're talking bout these, The "Brad Pitt" sunglasses they are pretty cool. I like them, but wanted to hear a few things before I make any purchases. Particularly - how much of a dork would I look like?
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They had those diors in Nordstrom Rack round here last Fall I think; same price. They're nice, but were too small for my face... I also dug those Stussy glasses Beck was wearing - was angry they didn't list them in "where to buy." As far as bargain-hunting goes, My late lamented Burberry aviators (manufactured by Safilo, I think) were $20 from Marshall's. They were ridiculous "blu blocker" style glasses, but also somehow the only glasses that didn't make me look ridiculous.
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Three words: Maui Jim polarised. Try They make the brightest, clearest, polarised lenses in the industry. There will be no turning back after you try some of their shades. I've had my share of Vuarnets, Ray Bans, Cartiers, Oakleys, Revos, etc but none can hold a candle to a pair of Maui Jims (try the Sandy Beach for an eclectic look, I have a pair of these, amongst my four other pairs, they're great for driving as well). If you're going to buy sunglasses, you might as well get the best polarised lenses in the business. I tend to avoid "designer" shades nowadays, which may be great on styling, but leave a lot to be desired in terms of optical performance. For an alternative brand, Serengeti polarised are pretty good as well.
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stussy makes great glasses, I've been rocking these for the last 6 months or so and have never gotten so many compliments on a pair of sunnies... not sure if they've been discontinued or not. (they''re called the "cedric" model)
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Chrome Hearts makes some pretty cool sunglasses. Leonard Opticians on 55th between 5th and 6th in Midtown NYC carry these.
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Man, I wish I had known Stussy was going to become hot again. I had so much Stussy gear from like 10 years ago that I could have saved and now be rockin real Stussy vintage. Maybe Mossimo would be on that road if they hadn't done the whole Target thing... Anyone think Op is going to be hot again?? K
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I actually was in Lord & Taylor last weekend poking around and they had lots of Op stuff. Kind of funny actually, Stussy, Jordache, etc becoming "hot" again.
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Damn, Fashionwise I am soooo ahead of my time. Op, Gotcha, Stussy... Like I said before, I am back in my Roos now. People, get'em now... K
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When are 'No Fear' t-shirts going to be hot again?
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I had so many NO FEAR shirts. Got them all from Miller's Outpost
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I am partial to Revo, have you looked at any of their styles...I love these.
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BTW, thanks all for the input - I've checked out the brands brought up, but I keep going back to the Stussy "Cedric" sunglasses. They are somehow very appealing to me in that specific color, and they're easy to acquire for <$80 online. The Dior Homme ones are also under consideration for sure.
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You might want to check out Persol's also.
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