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Originally Posted by kryn13 View Post

I'm jealous.
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Originally Posted by Bsquared View Post
Interesting comments,thanks. I have this problem on trousers with 2 inch cuffs, so I do not think cuffs alone will solve the problem.

+1. As much as I like OTC socks, I tend to avoid them because they stick. I have this problem both with wool and cotton socks, and on cuffed pants.
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Originally Posted by PocketCircle View Post
I'm jealous.

Until you find that ankle length socks always slide down in two minutes or less and many OTC socks cut off the circulation in your feet.

Maybe I should try sock garters.
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This effect occurs when electrons are transferred from one material to another. The electrons do not move around the material (like they do in a wire or in a light bulb) but remain fixed at the point at which they transfer, hence the name static electricity. Some materials are electron donors and some are electrons acceptors. For example, if you rub your hair with a balloon, the electrons transfer from your hair to the balloon. Since all the hairs have a positive charge the repel each other. Since the balloon has a net negative charge, it will be attracted to neutral and positively charged objects, such as your shirt. Now here is my theory on what is happening with the wool trousers and socks. I assume the socks are not 100% wool, but contain a bit of elastic or other synthetic material. This synthetic material is acting like the balloon, and the wool trousers like your hair, to generate a static charge. The socks scrape electrons off the trousers to become negatively charged and the trousers therefore become positively charged. A possible solution would be to wear socks with no synthetic materials, or at least no elastic. Maybe a wool + silk blend. You could also experiment with ankle socks to see if the cling disappears.
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Bumping this thread up, I've began to enjoy OTC better than my ankle socks as they look better and don't require constant adjusting but my socks are always catching onto my wool pants. They're Cotten blend and I don't wear wool socks except in winter and when I'm at a formal event. I also don't have cuffs and don't want them but is there another way to add some weight to the bottom to help keep them down?
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Originally Posted by bigbris1 View Post

Have your trousers lined down to the cuffs.
This does work. I got a pair of suit trousers fully lined. Their legs are now downright slippery. Now I'm getting all my other paper-thin trousers lined, as they all cling. (I like OTC socks.)

I might give Sator's suggestion a shot, too. I notice that my jeans can cling to my OTC socks, but the weight of the fabric forces the legs down.

Any recommendation for 14 oz. fabric?
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