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Anyone have the "60/40 hooded down sweater" and is able to comment on the fit? - Thanks.
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^ya, already posted
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I'm selling an Italian Vest in the SWD B/S. Small. Too small, otherwise I'd keep it.

Does CDW do custom orders?
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Hey jet / anybody else with experience,

I was looking for some sizing advice regarding the SW hooded down sweater - I remember you saying that you tried it on.

Does it fit TTS? I'm a size 38 chest, so will a size 38 work for me?

Debating whether to pick up the down sweater or the navy down bomber. Any thoughts on warmth / quality comparison?

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You'd be a small in the hooded sweater, I think that piece runs same I haven't tried it on in a year. I prefer mine over that though unless the diagonal quilting is your thing. It is a nice piece though.
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Quick response man, thanks.

Yeah, I like the hooded down sweater more, but the bomber looks interesting, and I haven't really seen any discussion about it yet in this thread.

How warm would you say the hooded down sweater is? Warm enough with a sweater beneath to get through a NYC winter?
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The quilted one is warm but you have to remember i live in socal so i don't know if a sweater under the down sweater will be toasty enough for an ny winter. I guess it depends on how long you will be outside for. A thermal, sweater and hooded jacket no problem I would imagine.
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Thanks again, jet. I'll place an order tomorrow, then.
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np, i love mine and i'm a picky mofo
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hey, so i'm 5'6" 120 pounds (not an adult yet )

i was wondering how an xxs north by northwest vest would fit on me?

should i go for a different size or would xxs work?

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Similar measurements as post above (5'6", 130 lbs), and I'm looking into the down-shirt from SW Would XS work? Does this thing run TTS?
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xxs if your chest is 34''.
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Down shirt only goes down to "XS", which is fit for 34" chests according to SW I'm wondering how accurate that is, however, considering Tres Bien's 6-foot+ model wears a "S"
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I got the California winter jacket last week. I'm usually a 38, ordered the xs and it fits the way it should. Also, it's awesome. Great modern take on traditional parkas, the details are well chosen (supersoft honey leather+copper=!) and oddly enough, I received several compliments on it. Even the tasteless idiots living in Wisconsin can appreciate how great this thing is. That says a lot.
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I kopped the hooded down sweater last week. Getting here on Wednesday.

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