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Crescent Down Works

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Surprised this hasn't come up in SW&D, got a chance to check this stuff out at sw today and I have to say it's probably the only work wear type stuff I would ever wear. I'm not really a fan of designer work wear but the original is so cold, terribly cut and outsourced from the US that it wasn't an option either.

Anyways, there were only two things Ryan had which were the diagonal quilt jacket and the montagne jacket. The company is based in Seattle (paging robin) and everything is made in the US and the construction/feel of the jackets are top notch including the materials as well. The company has been around since the 70s and it actually is authentic stuff, not inspired, remade, etc. The quilted jacket felt very margiela-esque and the prices are downright cheap.

You would have to size down one for a slim fit, the M fit me perfect and I'm a 40 (50) euro usually. You guys can read more about it on their website and southwillard will be getting more pieces in including the quilted shirt jacket, it's a small operation and I believe Colette carries it as well. I was really tempted to buy the jacket today actually.
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I ordered one of their down jackets after admiring them on Japanese web sites. Classic outdoor look and it's built like a tank (i.e., double ripstop and leather reinforced snaps).
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They're in Seattle? wtf? I've never heard of them before, and I've probably walked by their factory hundreds of times now. Anyone know if they have a storefront before I hike up the hill to find out? And what are the prices like? Going to kop the italian vest and down shirt. The Montagne Parka looks nice, but it has velcro cuffs.
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Not sure about those but the diagonal quilted jacket (which is a light medium weight) is only 350 which is like free these days. Vest will probably be around 2 or so, the quality is extremely good and pics look shit on their website, wait for better ones.

I think it's velcro in order to be waterproof, the buttons have leather backings it's crazy. That 60/40 blend feels good.
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i don't know that i'd call this work wear. psuedo-technical outerwear perhaps. also, the velcro on the cuff stuck out like a sore thumb for me too. the italian vest looks nice.
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It's just outdoor gear that real working people have worn for decades.

I think you misunderstood if you thought it's supposed to be technical outerwear.
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Originally Posted by robin View Post
They're in Seattle? wtf?

+1. I've never heard of it either, with all the Seattle members I am surprised this hasn't had more coverage. I like a few things.
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Yea that parka looks really good.
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SW has some stuff up on their site now:

I will look at these again this next F/W, not much point now. In a related note, I gave up on trying to contact anyone at Crescent Down Works but I'll poke around the block next time I'm in that area.
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Ah, look at the leather reinforced snap buttons. This is what Engineered Garments needs to be doing with the buttons on their own jackets. No more ripped fabric!

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Those leather backed buttons are my favorite feature. The stuff looks terrible online and if I didn't see and try on the jacket in person I would never buy any of them based on those pictures. The arms look kunk sized even though they're not, very bizarre and the color is more olive.
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Did you try on the down shirt? It looks like I would want to go up a size on that one?
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Nah he just got some of those in this week, I only tried on the quilted jacket and the M fit me perfect (50-52) even though he says they run slim. I'll check sizing on that next weekend for you. I wish the pocket on that was a little better designed but it's pure function, the streakfree nylon feels so good.
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Thanks for the heads up, looks like some decent stuff.
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