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What socks do you rock?

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Ok, so there are definite rules when in a suit or other "respectable" clothing about sock color matching trousers. But that's for trousers... What kinda socks do you guys wear with your hipper streetwear? My default is med weight to athletic gray socks when I am rocking somewhat distressed jeans and a dark gray when I am in my darker denim. Is it passable or should I be wearing blue in a similar hue? (Poet and I know it..) LA Guy's idea that a belt can be something to show a little individuality led me to also wonder how much you can do with socks... They don't show all the time, but maybe can be a little something cool?? How much of a Jacka$s will I be in cartoon socks??? K
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I usually wear beige or blue garment washed ribbed socks (casual, not athletic).
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Blue or black military surplus socks, or on occasion argyle socks. I have a pair of PDC SLM jeans that are about 1/2" shorter than I'd like, but I really like them so I wear them anyway. Since the socks always show with these, I feel obliged to wear something more interesting. Strange but true.
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if i'm wearing sneakers, i usually wear no-show socks. (actually the socks are a little higher than no-shows, but that's cause i haven't found extra-large micro-socks yet).
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I like argyle, grey and beige socks best. Still have a few handfuls of white ones though.
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Brown or gray.
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when I wear sneakers (trainers), I wear your classic ankle cut socks, usually in white. They don't really show so I have no reason not to.
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I don't like the look of white socks, jeans and gray/brown/black kicks. My feeling is that white socks are only for working out, when one is wearing either shorts or track/sweat pants. I guess if you were in white Nikes (basketball shoes or cross trainers) it would look ok. Black socks against jeans and non black shoes just looks a bit harsh to me. I like the idea of some cool argyles though. I am gonna have to check that out. K, (overanalyzing everything I wear since I found this board)
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about 75% of my socks are argyle. wear them with trousers, jeans etc. when i am wearing jeans, i also like to throw in some blatant color, esp red socks.
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White athletic socks for athletic endeavors, casual cotton socks (gray, brown, blue) for jeans/etc.
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only white socks. even with a suit
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The safe option for me with jeans and sneakers is to wear white socks, with jeans and boots, charcoal socks. I try to buy interesting colored/patterned socks whenever I see them, though - I have a few solid colors, a couple of checks, some argyle, and lots of horizontal stripes (just picked up a red and white thin stripe, and a rainbow multi-stripe). Dammit, now I'm going to have to go sock-shopping tomorrow...
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Dammit, now I'm going to have to go sock-shopping tomorrow...
Tell me about it. I feel like a whole new world of sock opportunities has just opened before me. K
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Congrats.. I would think it takes some balls to do tangerine socks. Maybe its what makes the difference. K
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Only Black Socks nod[1].gif
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