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Is this a look?

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i saw a young man (mid-twenties) wearing a dress shirt with a tie, and one of those long sleeve sweaters with a polo style collar over it. the look was interesting as i had never seen it before. off hand it looked a bit uptight because the sweater gives you a casual look that doesn't mesh well with the tie. what do you guys think? it's the kind of look that would be interesting in a film but in real life it was too "mama's boy" perhaps.
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My initial reaction is that the guy was probably required to wear a tie and was simply fulfilling an obligation.  This look sounds too dressed up and too casual, all at once.  If I were a style cop I'd give him a ticket for swerving recklessly between lanes.
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i think the looks falls into the east coast ivy league, wasp area. Ive seen lots of similar photos in the last Brooks Brothers catalog actually. A nice cashmere polo style sweater over a shirt and tie would look perfectly acceptable to me, but I could be wrong. I think the look is best pulled off in a slightly more casual sense, perhaps a pair of heavy flannel trousers, shirt, tie, nice cahsmere polo sweater, and a corduroy sportcoat, maybe some suede chukka boots. Kind of college professor-ish, but not entirely without style.
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Sounds preppy to me, or maybe he was trying something new, like those NYC guys who did a subversive Dilbert look for a while (slim, short sleever "dress" shirt with a skinny tie, skinny jeans, etc...) Either way, sounds like a look to avoid.
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I try and avoid wearing one collared article of clothing over another. Lapels don't count towards this limitation.
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Was the top button buttoned and the tie hitched right up to his neck? or was the top button unbuttoned and the tie knot a little lower? I wear ties with casual outfits every so often, mostly because I don't have too many chances to wear them with suits. But I never tighten them around my neck. They're always hanging a little below the unfastened top button (or two).
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In my opinion it sounds good except for the tie. Casual with a touch of elegance but I don't believe it's something for a man under 40.
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