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No prob, thanks. Just inquiring. I'm fresh out of college and back to the US and Washington so I'm just tryna get a grasp of what my options are as my taste develops and finances provide more options. If you have any good shops in NYC or DC please do share.
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Originally Posted by lee_44106 View Post
What does Paul Stuart do with its unsold store merchandise? Do they all go to this secret yearly sale? Very few PS items show up on Ebay, that's why prompt the question.

I am almost certain they just hold it. I think some of the merchandise goes back to the NYC Paul Stuart for the "regular" seasonal sale, at least I saw ties at a sale that I'd previously seen at the sample sale.
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Unremarkable and limited suits, sports jackets and shirts in my small size and no shoes, sweaters and trousers worthy of purchase. I did pick up ties priced at 10/$150 (yes, 10/$150) due to the bad weather and the light turnout this morning.
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Everytime I am in Paul Stuart, there is, at most, 5 other customers browsing in the store with me. From this admittedly inprecise observation, I just can't imagine that all the seasonal merchandise could be sold, such that so little is left for sale. And it's not like the PS merchandise remain unchanged in style. From season to season there is always variations.
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Went during lunch today. No Stuarts Choice shoes left (literally none, not even in odd sizes). A few non-basic colored outerwear pieces that might interest anyone in the ~39-42 range. Suits were uninspiring to say the least. Based on my experience today, I will never go to this sale unless I am there when it starts.
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Does PS ever advertise these sales?
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Was the 70% off regular price still in effect?
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It was 70% off yesterday, what was it today?

*oops, didn't notice the last post*
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How about size 38 suits? Should I even bother if I am looking for 2 basic 38 suits and a few trousers?
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One of the guys said that he thought the price may drop to 80% off on Friday afternoon.

If you're waiting be aware that they close early on Friday - 5:00.

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There were some markdowns on ties (10/$150) and shoes (only stuarts choice were tassel loafers (11). People really bought up all the size 16 and 16.5 neck dres shirts. There were only a few garish ones left.
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Originally Posted by billiebob View Post
There were some markdowns on ties (10/$150) and shoes (only stuarts choice were tassel loafers (11). People really bought up all the size 16 and 16.5 neck dres shirts. There were only a few garish ones left.
I was there at the beginning of the sale on the first day. I didn't see even one tie I was interested in, let alone ten.
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Originally Posted by chorse123 View Post
I think that as far as sample sales are concerned, the Paul Stuart sale has the best dressed shoppers by far.

Mine was $110, as were a few others I saw. They had a crazy grey with large windowpane tweed that was 4 meters or more, and a few others. Also, there were a few good jacket materials when I looked, but the selection was very limited. And did you see the one that said 50% wool, 50% paper? Paper?

If some kind soul can describe this fabric better, it would be much appreciated. Good for jackets only or possibly suitings?

Much thanks

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It is a medium/dark grey with a purple windowpane. 3.5 meters, $110. Heavy tweed, only for outerwear or a heavy sportcoat. I kind of liked it, but the windowpane is large and the grey would be a hard sportcoat color. Pass.

A few minor discounts. 80% off now on sweaters, shirts, sportcoats and pants. 75% on outerwear and suits. Shoes are marked down a little, but what does it matter. Tried on a pair of silk loafers for my tux, but they were a little big. Pass. I did get a few ties, but that's it.

Oh, and I talked to one of the PS guys (a menswear buyer, I believe) for a while. He sounded disappointed with the sale and suggested they won't be doing one for a while. Could just have been bluster designed to get me to buy.
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Just back from "lunch" at Soiffer Haskin. All suits are now 250, sportcoats 150. Outerwear down to 80% off.

I scored a beautiful Phineas charcoal DB wool overcoat originally $1,378!
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