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I wasn't going to go back yesterday, but I happened to be having lunch just a few blocks away.  On a whim, I told my colleagues that I had an errand to run, and high-tailed it over there. I ended up picking up a double-breasted suit in a charcoal pinstripe for $225, a sport coat for $100, and five more pairs of shoes at $25/apiece (one pair of Stuart's Choice suede Algonquins, one pair of black-tasseled loafers, and three pairs of penny loafers in various shades of brown). Less than six months ago, the only footwear I owned were two pairs of Ecco's that I wore to work, plus a pair of sneakers, some Timberlands for bad weather, and backpacking boots.  Since then, I have bought: wingtips from Coach, perfed Peal captoes, suede chukkas from Polo, loafers from Aprey, Bonora bluchers, and finally, eight pairs of Grenson's from the PS sale.  I had to go out earlier this week and buy a shoe rack, and with yesterday's new acquisitions, I already need a second one.  I think I've going to have to put the kibosh on new shoe purchases at this point.  Er, perhaps, I'll just limit my purchases to the space available on the second shoe rack.
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I still have those very popular black side-lacing shoes available in 7.5D for $100 if anyone is interested.
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I must say I'm a little surprised there doesn't appear to be anything at all from the sale yet on EBay.
LOL, got to be patient, it takes more time than you would imagine to write auctions... (I certainly did not fly to NY for the sale, just making a general comment)
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I went out for dinner and drinks last night wearing a pair of black side-laced, I got compliments not only from my friends but also from 3 total strangers, all chicks.  They had never seen anything like it and asked where I got them, so I told them I got them from the Paul Stuart store on Madison Ave., may be that'd help PS business a little. The side-laced is a total chick magnet. Now I really really want a pair of walnut side-laced.  Anyone got a pair of 11.5D please PM me.
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I bought six pairs of Grenson Masterpiece at $100 each.  Beside the black side-laced, here're the pictures for the other 5 pairs: Black wholecut medallion Brown wholecut medallion Black wholecut plain Burgundy windtip Black double monk
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Gorgeous shoes there mussel.
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Mussel, they are all beautiful shoes. Just a quibble, the second and third shoes are not wholecuts since more than one piece of leather is used. No big deal -- no many what you call the shoes, they are great and I would have bought them myself.
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Nice shoes indeed. The fallacy of this once-every-few-years sales is that if you use it as a benchmark to compare with other sales, you'll never be happy with them.
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I was having withdrawal symptoms so I just walked over to PS and reminisced. Had to pick up shoe trees for the new lode.
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I was having withdrawal symptoms so I just walked over to PS and reminisced. Had to pick up shoe trees for the new lode.
The shoe trees were probably almost as much the shoes, right?
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I was having withdrawal symptoms so I just walked over to PS and reminisced. Had to pick up shoe trees for the new lode.
The trees probably cost more than the shoes
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I think the trees at retail cost more than you paid, zjpj83. (You paid $25 each, right?) If tgfny bought shoes on days 1 or 2 of the sale, the shoes would still cost more than the trees.
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So, now that we got Paul Stuart out of our system, is there an interest in the H-F sample sale at the same location?
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The address is a venue where sample sales are usually held.  I think there was a mention of a Malo sample sale a month or two ago that was at that location, too.  Merchandise is hit or miss as it is with most sample sales.  Since PS had their Grenson shoes on sale for so long, I doubt many good pairs will make this sale.  I doubt it's worth a special trip, but someone will probably report back after stopping by. dan
That statement seems like so long ago, doesn't it? More info on the HF sale please.
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HICKEY-FREEMAN \tBOBBY JONES \t \tMEN'S CLOTHING, FURNISHINGS & SPORTSWEAR Up To 75% OFF RETAIL \tMonday, May 2nd through Friday, May 6th Monday through Thursday: 9:00am to 6:30pm Friday: 9:00am to 5:00pm \tTo be held at: 560 SEVENTH AVENUE Corner of 40th Street. Auditorium, 2nd Floor. Strollers not allowed. No children under 12 will be admitted. \tVisa American Express Mastercard No cash. No checks. All sales final. No returns. No exchanges.
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