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toyota > * as far as mainstream inexpensive cars go

i work at a toyota dealership so i see it all the time

toyota realized 10-15 years later that 1 generation of tacomas had a design defect. They didnt put enough rust coating on the frames to handle harsh northern windows causing frame rot. Now this is beyond all warranty periods as these cars are a minimum of 9 years old. However toyota didnt say tough luck, they actually ordered an inspection of every tacoma in this period. If your frame is good, they extended you a warranty to protect your frame. If your frame was bad, they took possession of the car on the spot, gave you a free rental, and initiated a buy - back of your car through a 3rd party company. As far as the value they gave you, it wasnt trade-in value, it wasnt private party value, it wasnt even full blown retail. They gave you 150% of retail value. This came out to anywhere between 7-16,000 depending on year make and trim level. The cars didnt even have to run. I saw someone come in with a 2000 access cab tacoma 150k miles, the whole body was rusted, it was painted like 3 different colors, it looked like it belonged in a junkyard, not on the street. If he were to sell it hed be lucky to get 2000. Instead he got a check for 12,000 plus 1000 if he bought a new tacoma plus all current incentives, plus the ability to negotiate his best deal. He ended up getting a brand new 27,000 tacoma for 8-9,000

another example
customer bought a tundra
few weeks later 4x4 light comes on brings it in we fix it
few weeks later comes on again, try fixing it again
few weeks later comes on again replace entire computer system
few weeks later comes on again customer is given a rental
master tech is flown in from japan to look at the truck couldnt find anything wrong
toyota replaces truck for customer with identical model. however he bought an 07 when the 08s because of the big rebates. He now gets an 08. toyota just gives him the truck and he keeps his original loan
truck is then shipped to japan to be torn down and researched

toyota really stands behind their product....