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I had wondered the same a few months ago and decided to try to trim my Thurston boxcloths. The boxcloth is fairly thick (1/8") for fabric and behaves like felt. So I did a little searching around and concluded that I needed a good pair of dressmaker shears to cut through the cloth while being able to cut cleanly on the curve.

So I got a pair of Gingher shears, measured from the end of the metal fitting and used tailor's chalk to trace out the curved end. Once you cut it off you can use the loose end as a template.
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Originally Posted by reubencahn
I've just ordered my first pair of braces and your answer inspired a few additional questions. Are your front brace buttons on the inside or outside of your waistband? Does it matter? Also, do the barathea braces have that trailing end? Thanks.

Well,depends on preference i suppose. Traditionally, on the outside, nowadays usually on the inside!!
The Barathea do NOT have a trailing end. Some of these stripes and patterns are wonderful, the boxcloths are again, more traditional i suppose.
Thurstons in my opinion are the absolute best braces a man can buy!!
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When it comes to the size of the boxcloth braces, does the elastic part differ in size between, say, medium and extra large?

Most of the sellers I can find are sold out of medium and large. And Thurston themselves offer only one size. But if extra large differs only in the length of the boxcloth, I have no problem cutting it down.

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Stop! Please don't trim them.. they are finished ina way that holds the box cloth together without strands appearing.. cutting them can make them prone to strands coming off them!!.. I just tuck them into the waistband...
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