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Tom James Co.?

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I found some reasonably cheap tom james suits on ebay, a blazer and a 3pc suit. Was wondering if it is anygood. checked out the website and askandy's and it got mixed reviews. Thoughts?
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I think it depends on which label within Tom James you get -- there are some that are very ordinary, and others that are fully canvassed, hand stitched, etc. There's a link on the Tom James website that describes each within the range. For example, there's Innocenti; Innocenti Oro, etc. The page on the website that I'm referring to is actually very detailed; so if you find something on Ebay, just ask the seller (if it's not clear from the auction), what line the label says.
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I have picked up two higher-end Tom James suits and find them to be fine work-horse suits for work. Not likely to be thought of as amazing, but good for every-day wear. Both were under $100.00 on ebay and then a bit more for my tailor.
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