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Accessories in bridle leather

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Could someone please elaborate on its traits (thickness, softness), and whether they are suitable as wallets, key cases etc, especially with respect to durability compared to good grade calf (the last two calf wallets I had lasted me an average of about eight years each). BTW, where can I view a good selection of bridle accessories online, besides Swaine Adeney? Daines and Hathaway and Classicluggage websites, for example, do not have a complete catalog of accessories. Any other makers to recommend? Many thanks in advance.
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Glenroyal is available through Classic Luggage. Here's a link to their site: http://<a href="http://www.glenroyal...royal.com/</a> Here is a prior SF discussion on Swaine Adeney and bridle: http://<a href=";st=0</a>. EDIT: I understand from your prior posts that you are looking for a thin credit card case. I looked for this item myself last fall. I couldn't find much in bridle except for the Glenroyal. Both Glenroyal and Swaine make bridle products only in the tan color shown. There are quite a few Ettinger bridle leather products that are now on EBay from a Chicago seller (no connection). Search EBay under "Ettinger" in the Clothes section and look at the bottom of the page for BIN items from EBay stores (sorry, my link did not work).
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Filson makes many bridle leather items, although they are very beefy and sturdy. Not the most elegant, but will last forever.
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My personal experience with bridle leather consists of my 4th grade Leathercraft Kit and the actual leather of my saddles/bridles.  But this is a link to one of my favorite articles on what to look for when buying leather accessories.   It's specifically relating to the purchasing of leather goods in Florence, which I highly recommend if you know what you're doing.   But I found it to be very educational, in general terms. Departures Magazine - Tanning Salons - Shopping for leather in Florence
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