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Digger Phelps

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I couldn't help but chuckle at Digger Phelps. The guy has been accessorizing with a highlighter, hahaha. His highlighters always match the tie perfectly, and he never uses it to actually highlight anything. Eric
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I noticed that too. I like his chalk stripe suit fine -- like, but not love (I wish the fabric had a bit more nap to it, which would make the chalk stripe more authentically English, IMO). But he's seriously got to wear something else at least sometimes -- he's got the same suit on every time I see him. And the ties are truly awful. Anytime your tie matches your highlighter I think you need to reassess.
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Ha. I was meaning to post about this. My gf noticed this first(maybe bc she hates Phelps) and I thought she was joking. THe clincher was the bright green tie and the green highlighter over the weekend.
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