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Guys, I know this was discussed before, but I am having hard time with locating the thread. How do you say "Gianluca Isaia"?
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If my Italian is correct, you have to pretty much pronounce every vowel, meaning "I" "sa" "i" "a", where "i" is pronouced like the English alphabet "e". Do correct me if I am wrong.
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"IS" "EYE" "A". Thats how this Sicilian pronounces it.
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Hmm, glad we have agreement on this. I've just always assumed it was pronounced "Eye-zay-a."
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I believe its " IS - ZA - AIR "
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One of the salesman at Barneys pronounced it EE-ZAY-A. Not that that means anything.
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J'yahn-Luke-Uh Ees-eye-uh
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Ee say uh? Grayson
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Ok class... On to Ermenegildo Zegna... Waiting to hear alanc give the Alabammer translation of that one. ur-muh-nuh-zheel-doe favorite mispronunciaton? Jhane Barnes mangled into "Johnny Barns", which the expert explained was because Mr. 'Johnny" was Italian. ....and all this time I thought 'He' was an American woman who went from Jane to Jhane as she became famous and started winning awards. Sigh.
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