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I've got some good pics that might interest you. PM me if you like.
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Thanks for the pics, especially all of the boots. I love those Weston's; now, where/how to get them?
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(darkoak @ April 04 2005,01:30) Great job. You must have a lot of free time... how about adding a caption stating make, last, color?
You can get most of that info from the filename of each pic. E.g., the pic of the brown EG Cardiffs is named "eg_cardiff_202_cordovan.jpg".
Exactly. However some of the names may have gotten mangled by ImageShack but should still be comprehensible. Note that there is no guarantee of accuracy since most of the information came from online auctions, sometimes supplemented with my own opinions. The_Foxx and whnay - you both have PMs. Steve - A pair of EG Stowe's (A. Harris's I believe) is on the fourth row. One of these days I'll get around to organizing the pics and make things easier to find.
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thanks for the PM, btw those Lobb bolero's are my favs.
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