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Rifle jeans

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I just bought a pair at marshals for 23$. I really like the fit and wash but I wonder what the opinion of the brand is.
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I used to wear Rifle jeans in the mid 80's when they were italian made and pretty cool. I know the south african family that bought licensing rights to the name and started to manufacture jeans and other sportswear in Israel around '87 or '88. I don't know if they still hold the licensing rights. What is the country of origin ?
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these jeans were made in china, but the website is italian.
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Seriously, if not in denim, where?
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I have seen them and wondered. So is it a South African Company with manufacturing in China with an Italian website? Sounds about right.
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here is the deal. Rifle /super rifle is an italian company. they have licensees in different areas in the world.
i am very good friend with the designer for North america. he is a dnim head and tries his best to make the best product possible. They use very good fabric from candiani and others.
the cabin by far is there best fit followed by the berry ( US body styles).
I support his designs and you got a hell of a deal.
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I had two pairs of Rifle in the early 90s. They were Made in Italy and a very good quality jeans.
They used to sell out of their own stores in Europe.
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