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Fashion vs. style

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For a few days this statement is flying around in our Styling-Forum and I would love to talk more about it. I want everybody's great and explicit opinion on this matter. Where is the difference between Fashion and Style? When is somebody stylish/fashionable? Define "stylish"? And so on... I will post my opinion later because right now I've to go back to work. Let's get it goin'....
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When i think of style v. fashion i came up with my theory about a two years ago when i took an active interest in how i looked and dressed. I came up with this: Style is things that are forever cool, while fashion comes and goes. For example; The white t-shirt, jeans, and boots look will always be cool, think James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause. Now you can put as many variations on this look as you want to make it fashionable; ie: add any style leather jacket, ripped jeans, cowboy boots, chelsea boots, sunglasses, belt buckle, blazer, faded jeans, or anything else that is trendy at the moment. Style is embodied in those items in which you can wear season after season. We all have many of these items; would you dare let anyone tell you they're not fashionable or stylish. My favorite stylish item is my beat up brown leather jacket (think Indiana Jones). Now i can picture wearing this jacket forever, reguardless of what the designers are putting on the runway and still feel cool and confident in it. While fashion is important, style is what makes the man. Anyone with a few thousand dollars can buy a fashionable wordrobe, but to pull it off with style is what money can't buy. Think of the story someone posted about the 50 yr old wearing Gucci and D&G; while that is fashionable, he gets 0 points for style.
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Saw a quote shopping today, and am going to add it to my signature... Style? Man if you gotta ask, you'll never know... Louis Armstrong
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Fashion: what you wear; style: how you wear it. You can be wearing fashionable clothes but have no style. You can have lots of style, but not be wearing fashionable clothes (of the moment/season/etc.)
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@ Steve B.: I was just asking for your opinions, I know what "style" is (or at least I think so).
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great topic idea. IMHO, Style is timeless....i.e. 3 button or db suits, mid-width neckties, etc. whereas to me, fashion is fleeting, and comes and goes with the times (i.e. that polyester suit or wide leg pants, most of the stuff on the runways today) and so religiously followed in cities like LA. my 2 cents.
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Fashion is something that can be learned, or at least attempted to be learned, even from a message board. Fashion changes every week. Anyone can open a magazine or find a personal shopper to pick-up on fashion. Style is an innate quality that cannot be taught or duplicated. Style is about confidence and the way you carry yourself. Style is what makes us each an individual.
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First of all: Thanx for the replies, gentleman. I agree with everybody in most of the points. Style can be the way how you wear your clothes. Style has not necessarily something to do with expensive clothes or trendy brands. Style is the way you act towards people and the way you carry yourself. And like GQ Lawyer said: "Style is what makes us each an individual," therefore style = individuality. Style is the image of character. ~ Edward Gibbon
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I love the quote by Gibbon: Style is the image of character. It needed to be said again.
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EF Meant nothing by it....Ask away- I have an older man's conservative style. I learn every day about style, fashion, etc. from the people here. If you've noticed, I ask a lot of questions, too...
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I just wanted to make sure.
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