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Together with my APC NS and Levi's 514, my Gap straight-fit selvage is one of my favorite jeans to wear to the office.
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Tried on a pair of the selvage "original" fit denim yesterday on a whim - liked it a lot. Higher rise, heavy taper, decent thigh. If not for the fact of that hideous back pocket stitching, probably would have bought them on the spot. Anyone w/ a seam ripper has an option at a really decent fitting pair of denim (sized down -1)
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So disappointed I can't get another pair of my favorite jeans. The new "Made in Bangladesh" denim is terrible.

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PSA: Gap Canada is selling some of their 1969 selvege raw denim at $39.99 less 30%.

I picked up a pair of rigid skinny fit for $27.99 just today.

Ps: they appear to be the older model with better fabric, not the current one on their online store.
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I just bought a pair of these dark brown jeans on sale at a store for about $40:


I like the color as it is. They came with a note saying that they will lose color when washed. How much color will they use? I don't want these things to fade to a khaki color or something like that; I bought them because I liked how they looked in the store.


(As an aside, I don't understand why all dark or colored jeans seem to have these notes. My whole life I've bought various cotton clothes in all sorts of light and dark colors and they never have issues with fading, at least not until I've had something for years.)

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PSA: It looks like the US stores are selling the skinny fit rinsed selvage for $29.99 plus an additional 40% off, making them $17.99. They might only be in certain stores though because I checked one store and they had a ton of them (just not in my size) while another local store didn't carry them at all. Your local store can always do a stock check to see if there are any other stores in the region that might have your size in stock, who can then ship them to you for $6.

Style number: 889083001

I believe they're the type that were made in Bangladesh.
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These jeans are actually surprisingly okay for the price. I wear them as beaters and they've held up well.


Mine are the 1969 Rigid Rinse Slim Fit Straight, Made in China ones.

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Seattle has a 32x30 and a 34x28 Straight of the old style good "Made in China" selvedge.


Dude there said the skinny selvedge was all heavily discounted now to get rid of all the new "Made in Bangladesh" fabric.


He knew exactly what I was doing when I was searching the stacks for the old denim. Makes me think that GAP corporate knows as well. Hopefully will lead to better quality denim.

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So does anyone know if those are actually raw denim, or if they just threw "raw" into the color description?

The website lists them as:

Fabrication: Elevated jeans, made of premium denim in a rigid raw selvage.
Wash: Raw indigo.
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Well, one good review: "No details on the pocket .The denim is heavy ,superior to last years selvedge which many reviewers were not crazy about. Great quality selvedge jeans are back at a good price. Thanks for listening to your customers"

I ordered some, we'll see....
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Do keep us updated.
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Got these today. They are in fact an improvement over the crappy selvage of late. They are fairly heavy and stiff... seems they could actually be raw. I would say that the "original" fit on these fit is pretty similar to Gap's straight, but elevated just a little more.
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Are they as good as the selvedge from 2 seasons ago?
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Originally Posted by bl@ster View Post

Are they as good as the selvedge from 2 seasons ago?

They seem comparable. Definitely worth a shot IMO.
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