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Distressed jeans

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I don't really have any high end jeans that people here wear. I just wear ralph lauren and tommy hillfiger jeans, the latter more modern by current standards with some fading. How much farther is the whole faded jeans thing going to go? I've seen them with holes everywhere, quite obviously fakely distressed... how much longer is the whole "I went to world war 3 and all that's left is this pair of jeans" look going to last? I think some of the milder stuff looks cool. To be honest, nowadays anyone wearing normal jeans is usually 40 years old or just completely out of it.
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I like raw jeans that will fade with time, in a natural way, and eventually become distressed. Personally I think the distressed "fake" look is out. A little paint in the jeans look stylish to me though. To me quality is all. I tend to prefer brands like APC, Studio D'Artisan, Dope + Drakkar, Denime, 5EP, Nudies, etc..
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The industry has 2 big thing going right now. One is the distressed look, which is still going strong, and will still for at least a couple of more seasons. The other is the "raw" denim movement, which jean snobs have liked for a lonf time, but which is starting to catch on (slowly, the first step is the "clean rinse" jean) in the mainstream, and I predict that in the next 2 years or so will become as ubiquitous as the distressed denim trend is now. I say, get the jeans you think look good - hell, get stonewashed or acid washed jeans if you like the late eighties hair-rock look.
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