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Anybody have any opinions on Ralph Lauren's Chinese-made shoes? I've had two pairs--a pair of black, plain toe rubber-soled bluchers that I've had for almost 8 years and impressed me as durable, comfortable shoes and a pair of ivory bucks I bought in December 2003 (obviously from the last and construction from the same vendor as the black shoes). These also seem like very decent shoes (although I am the first to admit I am not as "shoephisticated" as some forum regulars). What particularly brought this to mind was that at Gary's in Fashion Island last night I saw another pair of these Chinese RLs, these a tan calfskin and white suede saddle shoe that seemed quite appealing--not as appealing as the RLPL/EG spectators in the same color combo I have seen recently, but appealing nonetheless. And at $145 I could buy the saddle shoes, whereas the spectators at $850 would probably land me in divorce court. Given that most any Ralph Lauren product at full retail is not going to be a super value, do any knowledgeable forumites have an opinion? Should I go for the RL-Chinese saddle shoes or pass them by?