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I've given some thought to purchasing an iPod, but I'm not too familiar with them. Can I take mp3 files that I have and put them directly on the iPod, or do I have to get them from iTunes? Also, let me know of any negatives with the iPod. Thanks.
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I just bought the iPod Mini about 5 weeks ago and love it.  Yes, you can download MP3's directly into the iPod.  However, you have to use iTunes to do so.  That doesn't mean that you have to purchase MP3s from iTunes.  You must simply import your MP3's from your hardrive into iTunes and then sync your iPod to iTunes.   The only negative I can think of with the Mini is that it no longer comes with an AC charger.  It only comes with the USB charger, which is is useless if are traveling without your computer.  The AC charger can be bought separately for $30.
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I've had one for almost three years now, and I love it. My praise is the usual: great design, easy to use, convenient as hell. I'd strongly recommend that you go into an Apple store, if possible, and play around with the different models. Mine is 15GB, which is quite enough. I don't have the need to carry around all 40GB of my music collection, and I don't have the time to wade through everything while I'm commuting. Negatives: the primary negative issue is battery life. I don't know about the latest models or the mini, but the battery on my model lasts about two years and then dies. Because of the construction, you have to send the entire unit back to Apple (or to a third party) for battery replacement. It costs about $90, plus shipping and insurance. Check out the iPod Support Discussions for more on this. Secondary issues might include where to carry it, which headphones to use (the stock pair are crap), and how not to get mugged while using yours (once lost or stolen, they're nearly impossible to trace). But the negatives don't come close to overshadowing the positives, and should mine ever completely die I would replace it the very same day.
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You don't have to use iTunes to get music on your iPod. I use EphPod and it works just fine.
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You don't have to use iTunes to get music on your iPod. I use EphPod and it works just fine.
You're right. It just occurred to me that I have a friend that does not use iTunes.
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There is also a plug-in for WinAmp.
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