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Originally Posted by tigerFormula View Post
The thing is that this is supposed to be outdoors gear. I would rather just buy from north face or patagonia.

I don't really follow your logic here... But do what you want.
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Originally Posted by JohnnyLaw View Post
I don't really follow your logic here... But do what you want.

Seriously even for the other stuff, would you pay $110 for a plain jersey hoodie? I'd just go to either of the AA's for that and save my 80 bucks.
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To answer all of your questions:

1. The quality of the fabrics (waxed cotton, supima cotton, baby ripstop, wool, cashmere, primaloft, etc...) are all excellent. None of those fabrics were cheap. The horn buttons and RiRi zippers are expensive and durable. They will most likely last a lot longer than your regular Jo-Ann Fabrics or Hancock's YKK zippers and plastic buttons.

2. The pricing is decent. (They are posted on their website now: I'm not saying I can afford any of Aether's stuff right now, but the time that went into the design and the cost of the trims, fabrics and the treatment (dying, wax coating, etc.) is really amazing. Believe me this is not your regular streetwear or just anything you can find anywhere. Period. It is a new concept. You really won't find anything like it anywhere else. I interned with them and they are really coming up with something new and high quality here.

3. Not only is it great quality, but you'll also look and feel great as well. Now that's really hard to find...functional AND aesthetically pleasing AND comfortable. Honestly, if I had the money (and I was a guy) I would buy one of their jackets. I love outerwear. But the advantage I have is that I've seen the actual garments up close in person, so I really know how good all their stuff is. The pictures on the site are good, but they don't do justice. (That's why I've always hated shopping online) These pieces are not something you're just going to donate to Goodwill in a year or a few months. They are the kind you keep for a while because it's not just following trends or a fad.

And lastly, even though I was just an intern for them, everybody behind Aether is super nice and really laidback and genuinely nice people. There were a lot of cool perks interning for them. In the fashion industry, that is also really hard to find. Everybody knows the stigma attached to fashion and how superficial and snobby people in the industry can be, and I don't blame them for being that way, but everyone at AA is really nice, even the fit model. Supersweet guy, not just a pretty face.

So anyway, have your opinion, but I just gave you mine to help you think otherwise.

Just remember: Quality, Function, Comfort and Aesthetic all in one is really hard to find ANYWHERE. Sometimes paying the price for something rare CAN be worth it in the end.
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Personally I'm sick of disposable clothing that falls apart immediately. I also found them on facebook....if you search for Aether they are on pages. Looks like they are really making a cool product. also has some killer images -- I want to hang in those places!!!!!!
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Oh dear...
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I don't think there is a shortage of people on this forum who have any problem paying for quality. The problem here is that it seems like Aether is another lux t-shirt, hoodie, etc. company. Is there need for another Trovata, Modern Amusement, etc.? Those were the first brands that came to mind in the (admittedly) brief amount of time I spent clicking on the website.

I'm not trying to harsh your buzz but if anyone comes across as unthrilled I don't think it's the price point / quality ratio moreso the price point / interesting clothing ratio.
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Originally Posted by Lysol View Post
Is there need for another Trovata, Modern Amusement, etc.?
None of those are luxury.
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Originally Posted by robin View Post
None of those are luxury.

Man, did I hit the "split hairs" button on the forum today?
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Originally Posted by Lysol View Post
Man, did I hit the "split hairs" button on the forum today?
No shit. Anyway, if two members with one post each are that excited about it then count me in. I like viral marketing almost as much as I like awards shows. edit: didn't notice it was posted by an intern.
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I also viewed this line in NY, forget the t-shirts for a second the outerwear is what caught my attention. Everyone is quick to dismiss something new, but I have seen it in person and I think it will make it's mark.
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I can't speak for the quality/materials but I don't see what's great about the design of the outerwear. It all looks rather boring to me (even in comparison to some of the bland stuff brands like North Face pump out now).
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tbh, i see the same shit at gap. stuff looks decent, but at that pricepoint. ><.

i give it a -1/10. points knocked off for spam.
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Holy thread resurrection, Batman !

So one year later, does anyone have more insight/experience with Aether stuff ? Some of the previous comparisons were totally off track (Gap, Modern Amusement,... ??).

I'm in serious need of some decent technical outerwear and that Pinnacle jacket looks pretty sweet, couldn't care less about their hoodies and shirts though.
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Has anyone actually purchased?

I've never heard of anyone buying Aether.
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I was around Boston's South End around early march and walked into a guy wearing one of the space hoodies. I asked him what he thought of it, and he said that it's a good transition piece to spring, but isn't actually very warm and loses its shape when wet. Fitwise it looked pretty good, but really the pricepoint is the hugest turnoff for me.
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