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Final call for orders
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Are you ever going to start doing American Apparel again?
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Originally Posted by raginberriodoom View Post
Are you ever going to start doing American Apparel again?

Probably not on a regular basis, but if you have a decent sized order (around 8-15) items, then I can have an order drop shipped to you. I've done it twice for a couple people on here. Pm me for details.
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I'm leaving it open until the end of the day waiting on a couple people so if you want still want to get an order in just let me know..

also, for anyone interested, here is a link their spring product guide:

There are several new and interesting items coming out soon including:

AA1040 The Mickey Contrast Stitch Tee
AA1952 The Berke Eco-Heather Urban Polo
AA2652 The Ian Burnout Leisure Shirt
AA4810 The Wannabe Rocker Tee \t
AA4832 The Versailles Slub V-Neck
al1711 The G-Slack (Denim, Pinstripe, Linen)
al4051 The Spicoli Polo
as605 The Jouhhn Z Zippered Pocket Button-Down
as7338 The Disheveled Hamburg Henley
as7352 The Disheveled Portofino Polo
as7390 The Disheveled Cannes Cardigan
as7305 The Jon Linen Tee

check it out and let me know what you think
I will be releasing pricing info and availability once it gets closer to them coming out
by then you'll probably have to pm, email me, or check sufu to see it though
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Order came in late Friday night and went out today
everyone should have been pm/emailed their shipping info

Next order I'm planning on placing is this Friday, the 4th
that gives you4 days left to order
pm or email me ( your orders
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Here are a few new items from the Spring 2010 collection that start to come in next month

Check the Product Guide for more info
I will update with the pricing and eta of other new items as they become available
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As far as this thread goes, this will more than likely be my last post in it for the year
With bills and Christmas coming closer, I can't afford to gamble on the affiliate fee and hope people will buy from me
Thank you for all the Styleforum members who have purchased through me so far

I will still be placing orders as usual, I just won't be able to have this thread here
you can pm me for info, email me at , or follow my thread at superfuture here

The next order I place will be December 4th, this Friday, and will probably be the last one I can guarantee before Christmas
I will probably place another one on December 11th for last minute gifts and mostly for USA customers similar to what i did last year (here)

as always, just contact me for more info

Thanks Again to everyone who has bought from me up til now
I hope to hear from you again
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Alt A is good.
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pmed you
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im ordering more. no i im not affiliated with this guy or know him (just through purchasing these ) but the grey and the navy blue vnecks are so bomb im ordering 6 more shirts. dayum

alternative apparel is awesome. i got mixed up with these and AA american apparel. apparently, these are much better than the AAs. and better fit/cut. i think these are used for UO?
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james can you see your pm? thanks

a few questions
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just wanted to bump this up. bump bump

i got my mid length sleeve henleys with the two tone color the these are INCREDIBLE. fit is killer . i urge anyone to get one, i am getting more later .
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because I've gotten more messages about this thread than my new one, I thought I'd update those of you who follow this thread with a link to the new one. There are new prices/rules in the new thread for 2010 orders.

Thread Here:
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