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If price were no object I'd carry something along these lines: I always carry a pocket knife and use them frequently throughout the day. I had a Strider SNG for a while but wasn't that fond of it so I sold it. Currently I carry either a SOG cheapie because it has a clip or one of several I inherited from my Grandfather who loved to shop the A.G. Russel catalogue. I like some of the Laguioles and some of the William Henry's but I plan picking up a Chris Reeve Mnandi sometime soon, and will probably stick with that for a while.
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Originally Posted by Marcus Brody View Post
If I was going to get a knife to carry with a suit, though, I think I would get something like one of the simple Case, mother of pearl handled folders. I think they are unpretentious, classic and elegant. Somehow I could never get into damascus steel for most folders. Something like this maybe for me:,0&iccEmbed=0

That's a nice design. Do you have any more information about it? Price, features, etc.?

Originally Posted by Huntsman View Post
[...] I know there are quite a few Norwegian knifemakers -- my last custom knife, a large bowie, was made by a Norwegian. I bought it from him at a large knife show in New York; it hangs on the wall above my left shoulder right now.

Yeah, I guess you are right. I was aware of this already, but I just never thought of it until now. Thanks for the advice!

Originally Posted by A Harris View Post
If price were no object I'd carry something along these lines:

That's also very nice. As much as I would love to own one of the designer knives linked here, I think if I spent more than $200-$300 on a knife for everyday use I would worry about losing it or breaking it. The high-end items would be very nice for a collection or for their aesthetics and decorative value, but I am not sure I would feel comfortable carrying one with me at all times. That's not saying I would never get one (or two), but it would be for a different purpose. I would probably buy them more for their design than their usefulness as an everyday tool.

But, as others have already pointed out, it's also possible to find some very nice designs for less than $300. (The Swedish U1 comes to mind, again...)
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I've always carried a pocket knife with a straight razor blade and found it to be more useful. something like this (style not brand):
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I prefer to cary the small SOG Access knife. Small and handy.
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Originally Posted by nordicstyle View Post
That's a nice design. Do you have any more information about it? Price, features, etc.?

It's a Case Peanut with a mother of pearl handle. Smoky Mountain Knife Works (a catalogue i used to order from frequently and so trust) has it listed for around $120. Other places have it for as low as $106, but I can't vouch for them (they also make the model in different handle materials with all the others being cheaper).

Here's what SMKW has to say about the features:
Nothing matches the timeless beauty of a genuine mother of pearl handled knife. Fluted bolsters add an extra touch of elegance to this family.

·Tru-Sharp® surgical steel blades
·Genuine mother of pearl handle
·Nickel silver pins, liners, shield and fluted bolsters
·2-7/8" closed
·Packaged in black velvet jewel case

And a link to their site.

If you like the mother of pearl handle, do a search of the website for "Case Mother of Pearl" and you can see the whole case lineup (few of which lock). I actually might like the Mini-Copperhead even more than the Peanut which I previously posted, and it's not much larger.

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I carry a Buck Trapper. It's a great knife for life's cutting needs.
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Check of Col Littleton. They carry some really classic, well made knives and will do monogramming. I like their stuff.
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Given to me by my grandfather a long time ago...

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I carry one of these:

I'm a bigger fellow, so having a bigger handle is handy. Shaving sharp, and I use it plenty. One day, though, I'd love a Laguiole.
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Originally Posted by Vino View Post
I prefer to cary the small SOG Access knife. Small and handy.
I might have to get one of those.
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Not that I don't appreciate finely crafted knives and all, but for the OP's purposes, I'd just recommend something like the knives below. They're decent quality and adequate for the stated purposes and I don't worry too much about breaking them, losing them, or having them confiscated. They slip into the coin pocket within the pocket or go on a keychain. You can even slip it in your wallet. Or Or a little bigger with a liner-lock Maybe something from Nieto? Soemthing from here? - at the bottom, EXTREMA RATIO PENKNIVES
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Sterling c. 1930 George Wostenholm Sheffield England.....
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^ My father received two similar pieces for his bar-mitzvah. Beautiful, but probably impractical for the OP's desired use as an every day carry.
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I've been a fan of Laguiole for many years...

I've bought Laguiole corkscrews from Custom Curling before, and the service was great.
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i prefer my laguiole's with the corkscrew----it makes it a little less intimidating. i think of mine as half tool half cutlery. has Benchmade been mentioned? they make nice gentlemanly folding knives. i can't find that one either. i have too many pockets and too much outerwear.
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