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I made a trip to Saks, surprised to see a Dsquared display out [last time I was there they didn't have anything]. So I checked out some of the stuff, they had t-shirts, long sleeves, and other misc. things. I was wondering out of their recent collection, if any of it is a good investment (quality, will last, etc.) They had a lot of bright colored t-shirts with the DSQUARED logo on the back and phrases such as "The beat goes on like this..." on the front. I know from the GQ Forum a lot of guys love Dsquared but what items of clothing by them is worth the steep price? I'm not sure if a t-shirt with DSQUARED labeled onto the back of it is really worth the $195 price tag. Here are some pictures of the shirts I saw at Saks: (they had this one in a nice pale pink color) Wasn't as crazy about this sweater:
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I have to admit I do like some of their designs and Dan and Dean (I think that's their names) being Canadian counts for something, but other than that their stuff is way overpriced. Honestly $195 for a t-shirt? A. P.S.>Any advice that comes from the GQ Forum should be...uh, how do I put this tactfully? Avoided like the plague.
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The cuts can be very flattering, although I can't speak so much for the quality. I have always thought Dsquared2 was way overpriced, in any case.
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IMO they mix Jean P. Gaultier with Dolce & Gabbana style and double the price.
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dsquared is punk. Expensive punk stuff, but still punk. I pass. Luc
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I liked some of their early, military inspired stuff and have a couple of shirts. The quality is pretty good, and the cuts flattering (for slim guys), but the collections (imo) have been getting worse and worse and rely solely on gimmickry, and they have always been overpriced. Go with Two Flowers, Coast or Orlando if you like the prints, and with Unis or Cloak if you like their military and outerwear stuff. Better quality, better styles, better prices.
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I think most of their stuff is pretty bogus, they did have one belt that was awesome (not the silly ones with huge buckles) but it was somthing like 400.00 at Bergdorfs. JW
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I'm not sure if a t-shirt with DSQUARED labeled onto the back of it is really worth  the $195 price tag.
Hahahahaha, good question.
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Hey, I think the two shirts look pretty cool, but they would be better without the writing and the pictures. You can get a similar good fit at American Apparel with the same pieces, a polo and a hoody.
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The stuff is definitely pricey but I really like it. I picked up a "Playboy Squared" tank last year and can't wait for the warm weather to throw it back on. The stuff for me ranges from "I really really want" (like that pink "Back to Basics, Reading, Writing, and Wrestling." t-shirt), or something I could never wear like their smaller or puffier jackets. I don't really think it's punk. Does the average punk spend $195 on his entire wardrobe? m
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Reviving this thread from the depths...hope I'm not posting in the wrong thread.

I am 6'-4" about 220, and I am looking at buying a Dsquared2 jacket. Anyone have an idea if Dsquared2 makes anything big enough for a guy my size? The largest size left in the jacket is a 50.

Any help is appreciated!
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