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Great Passage, Great Book

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"Since it was the weekend, I tried to dress down. It isn't easy for me. I wore a camel-hair turtleneck, tweed blazer, and jeans. And a pair of handmade cordovans by Edward Green. This particular style is called the Dundee. They look dressy until you notice the Vibram soles. The leather is of a double thickness. The Dundee is a shoe designed for touring the landed estates, for tromping through mud while wearing a tie, with your spaniels trailing behind. I had to wait four months for these shoes. On the shoebox it says: "Edward Green: Master Shoemakers to the Few." That's me exactly. The few." Middlesex, pg. 232. I dunno about cordovan or the Dundee, yet I still thought it was a cool passage. Does EG even offer a Vibram sole? I thought the country shoes were Dainite, Commando, or Ridgeway... bah. I'll just have to wait for Jcusey or Bengal Stripe to chime in... Btw, whatever happened to shoefan?
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I believe Vibram is the material and Dainite et al the pattern of the sole.
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I beleive Vibram is a manufacturer of quality rubber soles. They make lots and lots of soles for hiking boots and whatnot.
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Vibram® is a trade name of a company manufacturing rubber soles (named after its founder Vitale Bramani, who began in 1935 using cut-up car tyres as soles for mountain boots). Itshide® is an English company producing a range of rubber soles. Just like Vibram they produce different patterns, each one designed for a particular job (some of the pattern names are: Commando, Dainite, Medway etc). Most British companies, Edward Green among them, use Itshide as their supplier, but in principle there is virtually no difference between the products of Vibram and Itshide. I presume the author uses "Vibram soles" as a generic term for profile rubber soles. Just the same way as one might refer to sticky transparent tape as "Sellotape", regardless of who the actual manufacturer is. You'll find the "Dundee" in the current EG catalogue, in walnut country calf and with a Medway sole; it's the oxford (4 eyelets) version of the "Galway" boot.
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