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Ebay Lacoste?

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Thread Starter The good ones are supposedly made in Peru, whats the catch with these ebay shirts?
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They are probably made for a different market and get wholesaled out for cheap. IIRC the consensus was that they are probably genuine. Much like cigarettes made for different markets can be had for $16/carton delivered to your door (for Dunhills) online.
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i thought the good ones were made in france? i would be really carefull with those on ebay. read all feedbacks. i have seen some really bad feedback about alot of the ones being sold in grips. i.e. that the shirts fall apart after a couple washings and the color fades right off the shirt. good luck.
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Even if they say made in peru they are probably fake. These are where most polos sold in the united states are made, but it is probably just the counterfitters catching on. I bought two fake lacoste polos last summer, and learned my lesson. They looked real, but when you compare the fit quality and feel to a real lacoste, there is no comparison. Go to Its a whole forum dedicated to finding out what's fake on ebay.
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They are fake, i would be very careful in buying lacoste on ebay. I bought one once and when i got it it was like what the hell is this. Hard fabrics, weird fit, aligator looked "off" and you could tell its not real. Plus it was made in India or somewhere. So make sure they have a return policy if you do buyone.
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It's probably fake. I would not buy Lacoste off eBay unless it was from a *very* trustworthy seller. Be weary of items in poly bags as well, most genuine ones don't have the wrapping.
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I just compared the shirt in the picture to my Lacoste polo and the croc on that shirt is way lower down than it is on mine.
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the catch: you still have a stupid logo on your shirt
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the catch: you still have a stupid logo on your shirt
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Get your butt into an official Lacoste shop and buy an original Lacoste polo. I would highly recommend that to you.
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