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Shopping in toronto?

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Greetings all: pardon me if it's been discussed before, but a search brought up nothing. Anyone want to give up the best places for shopping in the Toronto area (sale/outlet or otherwise?) I've been to Bloor West (Holts, Harry Rosen, Zara, Gucci, LV, Marc Laurent, etc.) as well as the HR outlets (Holt Renfrew/Harry Rosen) but a more diverse selection, especially outlet-wise, would be appreciated. Please email offboard if you're loathe to part with a secret, I promise not to tell
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I'm in Montreal and we have basically the same stores as you do. I do most of my shopping at Harry Rosen as they usually have the best stock (most Holt Renfrews have a much better women's than men's department). A good way to find upscale boutiques and good tailors is by walking in to the Royal York or another 5 star hotel and asking the concierge for info. Aside from that I don't think you'll find much else in Toronto that you haven't already found, it's not NY. On either cost in the US, you can go along highways from one big city to the next and they're all pretty close together. Consequently there's a lot more stuff to fill the outlets. I really don't think you'll find outlets like the ones in the states, even in Toronto. I'm curious though, how were the Harry Rosen and Holt Renfrew outlets? What did you see there and how big were they?
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I've never been to the Montreal Holts (keep meaning to take a trip, there's some Kamkyl stuff I want to get) but yes, the men's selection is miniscule compared to women's - that's almost to be expected with any big department store The Holts outlet (in Thornhill on Steeles West) was small, about the size of the Toronto men's sportswear department (as I remember it - it's been a while since I've been there). A wall and a half of suits, a couple long racks each of sport shirts, shirts, pants, some pegs holding maybe a few dozen ties & belts, etc. The prices were OK, but about what you'd find during their "Last Call" sales, except for the stuff that's been sitting for ages (2+ seasons.) I did most of my buying during the Last Call sales and wasn't too disappointed at the outlet. However (and this is a big however), from what other people have told me, most of the "good stuff" is gone within a few days (at the outlet). I can see this being true with only two HRs in Toronto - not much new stock being turned over all the time. When I was there last February, I picked up mostly casual clothes. They had lots of DKNY, Diesel, Abboud, BOSS Hugo Boss, HR label. Dribs and drabs of Prada, Jil Sander, Schonberger, and quite a bit of the weirder YSL stuff (well, at least stuff I'd never wear The Harry Rosen outlet (Missisauga) was kind of small as well, but bigger than their Eaton Centre location. Selection was better than Holts - I got alot of Ted Baker stuff (call me crazy, but I love Ted Baker...). As would be expected, gobs of suits but a big mish mash of sizes (I'm a 40R which they seemed to have enough of.) They seem to be a little less seasonal, but there were lots of sweaters when I was there in the fall. Again, price wise the discounts were OK, but still in line with their end of season sales.
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I go to Holt Renfrew Last Call occasionally. It really depends on if you're lucky or not. Anything that is half decent is gone within a day or two. I went last week and saw a zip up Prada Sport shirtjacket. Any Prada items are gone really fast. Original price was $595+tax. I got it for about $280 total. A few weeks ago during the first day of the menswear sale (NO PARKING AND BAD TRAFFIC.) I rushed straight to the Brown's shoes section and found a cool pair of Prada Sport shoes for $250 ($475 orig.) All the decent Prada shoes are gone now. Just to let you know I saw this Prada Sport jacket there for about US$300: The guy on eBay is trying to sell it for US$600 LOL
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Are there any other decent menswear outlets in Toronto???
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<g> guys, I feel bad - this is normally something I could help with...Won't do Canada until next edition- due out in Jan/Feb 2003... How about Detroit? Or maybe some web sites? What are you specifically looking for?
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<g> guys, I feel bad - this is normally something I could help with...Won't do Canada until next edition- due out in Jan/Feb 2003... How about Detroit? Or maybe some web sites? What are you specifically looking for?
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I don't know if you gentlemen are into vintage clothing, but Toronto has some good vintage shops up Queen St. and scattered across that area (if I remember correctly). Funny thing is, I drive up there to party and by the time Sunday afternoon comes, I'm either out of money or need to go to bed. True, it's not NYC, but for me it's a closer, much cheaper alternative.
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Here's one I got off the web: Toronto Don't know if I did that correctly.... Looks pretty good.
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Steve B.: Personally, I'm looking for funkier sportswear, as I have most of the bases covered with dress wear (a good tailor, lots of those stores around, etc.) A shop that carries Dolce & Gabbana (besides Holt Renfrew) would be good, but I'm open to suggestions. For everyone else in the area, a nice place to spend a few hours is Pacific Mall/Market Village, just outside of Toronto (Steeles/Kennedy area.) It's a Hong Kong style "mall" with a few shops that cater to the younger crowd (stuff from Diesel, 555 Soul, Mavi, Replay, RL, etc.) If you buy enough stuff, you can try to bargain your way out of paying sales tax (here, it's 15%..) The athletic shop is having a no tax sale there at the moment, though their shoe prices can't match Foot Locker (apparel is OK though.)
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