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An Ode to Bookbinder leather....

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I understand the disgust that plastic looking leather brings to mind but I offer a use for them. Long before this forum, back in my college days, I brought this pair of Kenneth Coles. That was eight years ago. It's amazing how crappy his designs are today but back then, they were decent, well at least some models. They weren't chunky looking at all with a respectively narrow heel which I think is one of the first signs of a chunky looking shoe. Although it's rubber soled, it is thin enough to pass as ok looking. But I have deviated from my ode to bookbinder leather and any corrected grained leather for that matter. They make for an excellent rain and snow shoe. The plastic leather is waterproof. I still wear them on foul weather days. Now, everyone... Beat me with your leather soled shoes...
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Bookbinder leather is the reason why I returned a pair of Church's that I ordered a few years ago. Very bounceresque.
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Of course, there is nothing as embarassing as getting tossed out of a bar, nor as exhilirating to know that your behavior was so bad that even a 300 lb blond ponytailed guy nicknamed "Thor" deems you an asshole. In my experience, most rock bar bouncers prefer to kick your ass out with black Frye boots.
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