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Stylish home design

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Does anyone know where i can find a good source of ideas for home design for the single man? Not Animal House, but not MArtha Stewarts place either.
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I don't know if any of you remember, but there was a pretty good article about this in GQ (or maybe Esquire) a little while back. They describe different apartment decorating options that are classy and age appropriate, from a sort of eclectic/cool style for the 20 somethings, to a more classic style for the 30 somethings, and finally ending with the measured, mature style of a successful 40 year old. This was in the same issue that outlined how to "dress your age" - an article which, in my opinion, was very on target (not always the case in these mags). There is nothing as off-putting as a 18 year old with an air of faux gravitas, or a 40 year old with dyed hair and wearing too much D&G pretending to be Eurotrash (I see a lot of these guys at any given club on Sunset.)
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I agree with LA Guy on all of that- be sure to check GQ, Esquire and other such magazines, as they frequently run helpful, stylish home design features.  For younger, single guys, you may also want to check Details, Maxim, and so on, as they also occasionally run helpful articles/photos on home/room design. In addition, there are a number of useful sources to check out.  My wife and I recently finished designing our own place with a relatively modern, minimalist style.  We did everything from order expensive/classic furniture pieces custom made in Italy to buying cheap stuff from Ikea or local Targets.  We borrowed ideas from lots of architectural magazines (check your newsstand, there's dozens of 'em- I forget their names, but think Metropolitan Home, Modern Design, etc.).   We also checked the websites and ordered catalogs from lots of furniture and interior design companies, and they typically show sample rooms from which you can borrow or steal design tips.  Try, for example, Ikea, Design Within Reach, Modern Classics, and there are a million others whose names escape me.  You may not be able to afford everything you want to do, but you can get inspiration and stylistic ideas and incorporate them in the way you want (or as your wallet will allow). Lastly, pay attention to things you used to overlook, like the room/home designs in the TV shows and movies you watch, or in the background of ads for other things (i.e. check the rooms that the models selling clothing and other stuff are standing in). Good luck.
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Pick up a copy of Architectural Digest. Despite the name, it is really a magazine for home decorating. It does have some architecture, but it also has a lot of stylish decorating ideas. And good luck with your desgining project. Remember, a man's house says as much about him as his clothes do.
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Thanks for all the help fellas, ill check out those magazines.
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Originally Posted by Eithan View Post
I truly understand how difficult it is for a single guy like you

to think an easy, stylish home design.

Man, you're just be needing helpful tips you can easily follow,

you can easily apply yourself.

Try to go for free ideas that are

accessible within your reach, without the thought of spending any amount.

Is this some weird poem that is too deep for me to understand?
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Maybe you'll get some ideas here.
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