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What do you guys think about this combo?

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I already have this: Pants I'm thinking of getting this: Jacket to go with it. Do you guys think it's worth it, especially on sale?
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first link not working for me.
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Sorry about that, updated with right link.
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Go for it.
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For $50, why not? Not that I'm a fan of the blackwatch plaid trend, but at least you'll have an entire suit (whatever that's worth to you).
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That seems to be a child-size sport coat.
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Go forth proudly, my big balled friend!
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Get it!
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The plaids don't match ... Look at the navy sections.
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A bit over the top IMHO plus the plaid is off as per Doc's reply but at that price get it and wear it like crazy
post #11 of 17|293:1|294:50 Been looking for a tan or brown sportcoat to wear with chinos and jeans...what do u guys think about that one? Go for it, or keep looking? Also open to suggestions on preferred fabrics and patterns.|293:2|294:50 Another one I found (hard to find one in 42" chest but 18" shoulders and have sleeves that are 24" or alterable to 24")
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Looks cheap (it is but it does have to look that way). I would stay away from cashmere unless it is actually good cashmere. Stick to wool if you are on that budget. I cant stand it when cheap brands make products with "luxury fabrics". it never looks good.
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Ok cool thanks
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But you are on the right path. The color is nice to wear with jeans. Chinos are ok too but please dont wear the blazer with silmilar color chinos!
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How about this to go with chinos and jeans. The measurements in chest and shoulder are right for me and it looks really similar to the Isaia Napoli sport coat in BS but much cheaper, albeit this is probably not as nice material-wise since I'm 99.9% sure its just some Asian sweatshop made knockoff lol. What you guys think? Yay or nay.
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