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Well, if they got a nice Ballantyne cashmere sweater v-neck, turtle, or an intarsia crewneck in a decent color and size 40-42 under $200 I'd be glad to reimburse... again, if this is too persnickety no need to look.
What's a "decent" color, iyo?
anything but puke green (they had an argyle sweater in that last season).
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I call it "moss" green, and sort of like it. But fair enough. Any order of preferences with respect to color and style?
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Did anyone go today? Any good finds??
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Some good stuff, mostly to flip.  Lots of inquiries/purchases on initial stuff already.  Very limited outerwear, lots of pants, some reasonable shoes, and plenty of furnishings.  Lots of own brand shirts. Not as good as previous years (i.e. no $20 Kiton knits this year )
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I called the CT Ave. store in DC today (Sunday). They told me the Barney's stuff is all out. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get away to make it over there. I'll be there tomorrow though.... Mazza has it too.
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Anyone know if the NYC stores will be getting any? -s
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I stopped by the Connecticut Avenue Filene's yesterday afternoon.  All of the Barneys merchandise was out on the floor.   I didn't see anything new as far as suits go.  There may have been a few more Oxxfords since the last time I was there, but other than that, I was disappointed in the suit selection. There were 3-4 of racks of new Barneys merchandise on the second floor.  A mix of shirts and pants, with a bunch of Barneys house brand dress shirts, some t-shirts, a handful of Canali sweaters/knits.  Some Varvatos pants. Downstairs there were a bunch of Zegna ties for $59, Hickey-Freeman ties for $39.  Oxxford ties and dress shirts. I picked up a Barneys shirt and HF tie, but other than that I didn't see much.  I had been hoping for an influx of new suits. I'll probably stop by Mazza on my way home tonight to see what they have.
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Thanks for the update, Bags.  Sounds like it's not worth a special trip during my lunch break.
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I checked out the Conn. Ave and National Press locations. Neither is any good IMO. About 98% of the stuff is Barney's label. Now, if you like Barney's label and are looking for some great deals on decent dress shirts and even better deals on sweaters, you will be pleased. But don't go looking for the goodies that were there last year. Among the non-Barney's label stuff, here's what I saw in the sizes I was looking in (16-1/2/L and above): 1 Ballentyne cashmere sweater at National Press in Easter Egg colors 1 Fray shirt, bright yellow (size "M") at National Press 1 Lorenzini shirt at CT Ave. in white (a bit dirty though) 1 Luciano Barbera shirt in blah color 1 Smedley black cotton SS shirt in size L (the most tempting thing I saw, which is telling). There was also a smattering of Armani and Zegna shirts and sweaters. No decent slacks at all. That fact was very disappointing. No suits or blazers whatsoever from Barney's. I left emptyhanded, whereas last year I recall carrying about 12 items into the changing room at the CT store.... Oh well. I asked one guy when Bergdorf's was coming; unfortunately, he didn't know.
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Picked up a Battistoni shirt for $25 (Well, $50 minus the $25 gift card they gave me as a thank-you) from the Conn Ave store.  Gussets and the great thick MOP buttons -- Filene's obviously didn;t know how to price this. Oxxford Crest shirts are there but $200.  Mostly Barneys house label; one Ballantyne cotton sweater, still lots of Borrelli shirts left from Mitchells as well as 2 Charvet shirts in large sizes, one Borrelli blazer left. On Saturday Mazza Gallerie had Gaultier, some Malo sportcoats, some other interesting stuff that I imagine was pre-Barneys.
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