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Help - with tag removal

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Is there an easy way to remove 'store security tags'?
I purchased an RLPL Leather Jacket from an SFer and unfortunately the inside (detachable liner) still has one of the tags in place!
I did think that I could take it to RL in LA and ask them to remove, though I am fairly sure that they do not use these - in addition to feeling like a Dick as it was not purchased there.

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Some have ink in them that will explode if removed incorrectly. Good luck!
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Stores will refuse to remove tags for you as they believe the item may have been stolen. I assume you dont have a reciept...
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Is it the one with dye in it?

You can always remove the lining with the tag on it, pop it in a freezer bag and into the freezer overnight.

Smash with hammer in the morning. Don't ask how I know.
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Originally Posted by appolyon View Post
Is it the one with dye in it?

You can always remove the lining with the tag on it, pop it in a freezer bag and into the freezer overnight.

Smash with hammer in the morning. Don't ask how I know.

good suggestion though, as the lining is detachable.
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Yep - It's the 'Ink Variety'.
'Tampering with this device will release ink'!
I guess I could request the Seller to disclose which store he purchased from..
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They are supposed to remove those when you buy the item..
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I've has many instances at discount stores (TJ Maxx, Marshalls, etc) where they almost forget to take the ink security tag off. As they're putting it in the bag, I always catch them and say "I think you missed that security tag on there". I've learned to always watch them closely so they don't forget after the first time it almost happened to me.
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A google search shows this http://blog.andrewwatters.com/tag/
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Thanks - it is a completely different device though (about 3.5" in size).
I'm not going to risk it. I will try a couple of local retailers tomorrow.
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earthdragon, this happened to me (telephone order) and I went to RL boutique in Macy's to get the tag removed
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Use a lighter and and a knife. Melt and cut away until the cylinder and ball bearings fall out.
Or twist a fat rubber band aroudn the metal part and the pressure should be enough to pop it off. I'd reccomend, using plastic wrap or something around the ink part, and clothing.

I despise tags of all sorts. more headache than good. People always forget to take them off. When I worked sales in a store My dept just had to be right next to the door, so I'd be stuck wasting my time checking people on their purchases for whatever set the alarm off. And then trying to get jammed tags off Last size clothes. All the time wasted an no commission earned =\\.
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sounds as though you've purchased stolen goods why not put a plastic bag / paper underneath and around the device. then use some pliers
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If they've forgotten to remove it at the store, just take it back. It's happened to me a few times. The alarms didn't go off at the door when I walked through - I think they must be pretty poor security systems.

Helps if you have the receipt of course, which the OP wouldn't have. If there's a problem and they refuse to remove it without a receipt, ask the seller to mail the receipt to you and then use that to prove it was purchased legitimately. Of course, this reveals the seller's profit margin, but they shouldn't be selling clothes with security tags still in so I think this is a fair deal.

Once or twice, I've been too lazy to go back to the store (or the store was too far away) and have used pliers to get them off (needlenose to get at the pin itself and a big pair to lever off the tag). It works, but it's a bastard. I've only done it with low value items that I didn't mind if I failed (like a pair of socks). I wouldn't try it with the ink variety of tag, just the proximity kind.
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search on youtube and you'll find an answer. search for "remove security tag" There are also other websites that show how you do it.
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