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NYC Hairstyle

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I'm looking specifically for a place in NYC that will cut my hair and give me recommendations about how to cut my hair. I don't really know what's the best way to cut it (I just graduated college and I used to just shave it all off) so I'm at a loss when the barber asks "how would you like it?" So any places you can think of that will give a clueless guy a good hair style is appreciated. I posted this on the grooming section too, but the clothes section seems to get more traffic.
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The guy who cuts my hair is not cheap (Few are in NYC these days, as with most services) at $100 plus tip, but he's a follicular artist and is very approachable for advice, if you can spring for it: His name is David and he works at EM Studio, 762 Madison Ave, 212.472.3440.  It's a small, quiet, unrushed atmosphere conducive to what you're looking for.  He works a lot with models, so he is customarily called upon to offer advice and suggestions. Has a good deal of patience and needs to be ahead of the curve with styles, although I receive a very conservative cut. Might be worth it just for one cut and consultation. Grayson
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A good haircut will run you $100+/- in NYC; this is normal. I go to Mudhoney salon on Bond St. They do alot of Rock n Roll styles, very hipster. They'er one of the few places I can just say "do whatever" and I know it's going to look good.
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Buy a decent shaver, set in on 1 or 2 , depending on how long you like your hair, and go to town. You're guaranteed to never have a "Flock of Seagulls, why? Why? Why?" moment of regret in to future. And given that you'd probably have to get a haircut every two months (conservative estimate), and that a decent shaver costs about $35, you'll save $565 the first year, and $600 for every year thereafter. Until you go bald.
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A good haircut does NOT have to run nearly that much in NY. I get my haircut at Hoshi Coupe II. It's a Japanese place, very minimalist and hip. I tell them to do whatever, and that's what they do. They know what they are doing. Costs $40 and includes a massage. Dan
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