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Uh oh..there's a hole in my shirt!

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Just last night, I noticed that there's a hole in one of my new shirts. I suppose I bought it that way, but I love this shirt, it was a top seller in the store I bought it from, it was the last one, and I don't feel like driving 8 hours to replace it or take it back. So, what should I do? It's in a very subtle spot (back of the armpit) and I just want to fix it so that it doesn't get any bigger. It almost looks as if the shirt is coming apart as there are still some threads attached across the hole, but its a hole none the less. Would i be able to jsut sew a patch behind the hole to prevent it from getting bigger? Is there anything else i can do to repair this? any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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My first impulse is to say, "take it back." If the "hole" is a split in the seam, you or a tailor can fix it easily. If it's an actual tear in the fabric, a reweave job will keep it from getting worse, although it will be visible (especially if the shirt is patterned, or in a color for which you have no matching thread). If you want to "patch" the hole, you can use iron-on fabric mending tape to afix a small piece of fabric cut from inside the button placket near the bottom. It's not exactly an elegant solution"”particularly if you ever wear the shirt untucked"”but, if done neatly (with the weave/pattern of the fabric perfectly lined up), it's the least cosmetically obtrusive method I know. I've salvaged moth-damaged wool pants this way, using fabric from inside the hem.
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Well, you see, it's a peasant shirt from le chateau, LOL but I'm really fond of it. It costs next to nothing, though. So I was just thinking about cutting a piece of black fabric from an old shirt and sewing it on as a patch from the inside of the shirt. The hole is not noticeable at all, the only reason I want to mend it is so the hole doesn't get bigger and ruin the shirt.
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Oops..double post.
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Well, you see, it's a peasant shirt.
Maybe the hole is supposed to be there?
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Heh, I don't know what it is about brand new things. For me, every time i buy something new, something bad happens to it the first time i wear it. Makes me so mad heh. The saga continued yesterday when i took Hollandaise sauce out of the fridge and put it on the stove to heat up (it was solid cause hollandaise has a LOT of butter in it). Well a few minutes later I could smell that the bottom of the pot was burning so I transfered it to a new one. As soon as I put the new pot on the stove, it started spattering everywhere. I jumped out of the way but I still got a spot on my brand new cashmere sweater. I immediately took it off and hand-washed it, then I let it soak in soapy water for a couple hours. Now that it's dry, I see the damned stain is still there. When I got my first ever pair of armani pants, as soon as i put them on, i spilled balsamic vinagre on em. Thankfully most of it just ran off instead of soaking in and the dry cleaner got the rest out. Still though, I have terrible luck with these things.
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GQgeek At least it's stylish to spill sauce Hollandaise or balsamic vinegar on oneself. Lesser mortals like me spill ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise.
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heh. I don't like breakfast and I hate cooking. The only way I can stand eating it is when I have eggs benedict. I rarely eat when I get up though.. The balsamic vinegar was mixed with olive oil for a salad dressing. I like salad cause it takes 2 minutes to prepare and I'm SO lazy in the kitchen. You know that baby lettuce you can buy in the little bags that's already washed? They make stuff like that for people like me
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