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Adult braces, anyone?

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I'm nearing 50 and am considering getting braces. As I understand it, there are three kinds:

1. Standard grillwork
2. Invisiline
3. Behind-the-teeth braces

I'm intrigued by Invisilines, but I'm afraid that they might make talking difficult. As a teacher, I not only have to talk all day, I often have to project my voice. The last think I need is to spit out my orthodonture at the very moment I'm trying to sound authoritative.

Behind-the-teeth braces also sound like a good idea, but I don't see how they would leave sufficient room for one's tongue. I'm afraid that wearing them would necessitate lisping, and if standard braces have anything going for them, it's that people can SEE them and will then understand why the wearer is lisping.

I'd like to hear from anyone who has had personal experience with any of these options as an adult. Thanks.
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I had the Invisalign about 5 years ago and couldn't be happier with the results. I had them for about a year. You go through and initial consultation at your orthodontist and they decide if they will work for you. I had some spacing issues that I wanted fixed. If I recall correctly, I received about 13 sets, wearing each set for two weeks. I liked the fact that you could take them out to eat and brush. There is some initial pain for about a day or so each time you put in a new set. I would usually go to the orthodontist each month so he could monitor and make any necessary adjustments. Once it ended, he placed a very small permanent retained behind my upper front teeth to make sure they didn't move back. I really don't notice it is there. If I had to go through braces again, I would definitely go for the Invisalign.
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I recently got done with having traditional brackets on my lowers. Thankfully I don't really expose my bottom teeth when I talk or smile so pretty much nobody ever knew I had them. That being said, getting food stuck in them all the time is a drag. It is my understanding that invisalign isn't suitable for all people/problems and that it is more expensive.
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I was considering the same options as you, except I was 16. Still that is kind of old for braces at 16 while all my friends had them at 13-14. Anyway, a definite no to behind the teeth. You lisp and its just annoying. Its an outdated technique really. Traditional is traditional, you may look like a dweeb, don't do ceramic as it breaks easily. Personaly, I would go for invisialign. My dentist charges the same for it as traditional braces. HOWEVER, Invisalgin only works if your teeth arent THAT bad, as in not extremly crooked and if you wear them every single day only taking it out to eat. Good luck!
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Yes the Invisalign were expensive. I think I paid approximately 5k for the entire treatment and unfortunately my dental insurance didn't cover any of it. I still think it was well worth it. Most people never noticed I had them in, they are very thin. After I got them and started going through the treatment, I recall about 4 or 5 people I work with get them as well. I guess I was the test subject.
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I just got my braces off a week ago and I'm so happy! I'm only 16 but I looked dumb with them on, I can't even imagine a 50 year old with braces. I'd spring for the Invisilines, although they're more expensive and more tedious.
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I had clear braces in college, the invisiline wasn't reliable at the time. I didn't mind having them and they were well worth the cost.

My teeth were not totally out of place, but I certainly had some pain when they would adjust the braces. However since they were at a slightly later age for a young adult, it meant more and I still take care of my teeth to this day, using the retainers they gave me, at least a few times a week.

I would look at the invisiline option first, the clear braces next. Don't get a metal mouth, you will regret it. It doesn't sound like the behind the teeth ones are a good option.
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I had very few problems with my clear ceramic brackets, especially considering that I am a constant chewer - pens, ice, etc.
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I decided to get braces when I was 30 - I went with traditional braces using clear bands and ceramic brackets. The orthodontist recommended the traditional braces in my case vs Invisalign because my overbite was too significant to correct without brackets/rubber bands.

I also have to talk a lot as part of my job and the braces were not that much of a problem once I got used to having them - the rubber bands that were worn to correct overbite caused the most problems with speech, but they can be removed prior to speaking if needed, although progress will be slower.

One the braces came off (30 months - as an adult you will typically have to wear them longer...) the retainers caused some speech interference as well because of the material behind the teeth and on the palate, but I understand that now they can be clear trays (very similar to Invisalign - my daughter recently had her traditional braces removed but they gave her clear retainers).

If I had it to do over again would I go though the trouble? Absolutely. The results were better than expected.
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Originally Posted by JBG View Post
If I had it to do over again would I go though the trouble? Absolutely. The results were better than expected.
I had braces while an undergrad. I, too, would do it again if I had to do it over again.
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For traditional braces (or even Invisalign), do they take any teeth out (the back ones)? Also, obviously it depends on a case to case basis, but what's the range of price for traditional braces if you're 19/20?
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Originally Posted by mikej77 View Post
Once it ended, he placed a very small permanent retained behind my upper front teeth to make sure they didn't move back.
Permanent? Really? I've never heard of that. What exactly does "permanent" mean in this context?
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Originally Posted by Threadbearer View Post
Permanent? Really? I've never heard of that. What exactly does "permanent" mean in this context?

It is just a very thin piece that is cemented in to keep the teeth from moving back. I had the option to get this or wear a plastic retainer at night. This is just a bit easier for me.
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If your case is treatable by Invisalign, do it. I had traditional braces as a kid and then (because I lost my retainer years ago) Invisalign over the past year+, and there is no comparison in terms of comfort, convenience, and aesthetics. I can still feel the scars left by the braces on the inside of my mouth 20+ years ago. You will probably have a slight lisp the first few days of Invisalign, until your mouth learns to adapt. As mentioned before the trays are uncomfortable the first couple of days every time you change them. That's about it for drawbacks assuming you are treatable.
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as has been said. get invisalign if it's possible for your particular problem. for problems that invisalign can treat, old school braces are a thing of the past.
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